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A British businessman known as Gypsy Nirvana is facing extradition to the US for allegedly distributing cannabis seeds, an activity his lawyers argue is legal in the UK.

He adopted the name Gypsy Nirvana by deed poll 15 years ago and is described by the US as a “marijuana activist and advocate”. He runs his seed-selling business from an office in London.
“But cannabis seeds are considered a schedule 1 narcotic in the US, the same as heroin. So if Trump gets his way they could execute me over the seeds of a medicinal plant.”

Westminster magistrates court threw out the first US attempt to have Gypsy Nirvana extradited. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA
Dismissing the US case, the district judge at Westminster magistrates court ruled that Nirvana’s seed business was not illegal under UK law, which prohibits possession and sale of the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant.
US officials in Maine launched their legal action against Nirvana in August 2013 when he was living with his wife and children in the Philippines. He was detained there by local police and forcibly put on a flight that would have passed through LA on its way to London.
He spent 30 months living in a cramped prison in Camp Bagong Diwa, a Philippine detention centre, while he resisted the US arrest warrant. Eventually UK embassy officials helped arranged his deportation back to the UK.
In the event, Nirvana became suspicious of the flight plan and forced his way off the aircraft before it left Manila. He was then held for nearly two and half years in a Philippine prison before being allowed back to the UK where his father was dying. On his return, US authorities launched extradition proceedings against him.

Westminster magistrates court threw out the first US attempt to have Gypsy Nirvana extradited. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA


Gypsy nirvana

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