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guerilla growing guide

Guerilla growing guide

Giving Them the Right Soil

As for the soil fertilizers, you can use natural fertilizers like chicken manure, guano, compost and worm castings as these help to add the necessary nutrients to the soil.
As far as guerilla growing is concerned, it is risky to plant seeds in place of seedlings. It would be a better idea to start with clones that are around a foot high. Expect to plant following the final frost, which is the time when you know that frosty winter has come to an end. Plant them deep enough so that the clone gets enough space as it grows bigger.

Choosing the Starting Point
Avoid the Commonly Accessed Areas
For guerilla growers, it is necessary to avoid well frequented paths and public spaces at all costs. Consider the chosen area from all viewpoints, including the kind of soil accessible for growth, availability of water, light and other good growing conditions. When choosing the place, one of the main aspects that need to be considered is the security!
Auto-flowering seeds are the best option to choose for guerilla growing. Buying high quality auto-flowering seeds from a good seed bank like can ensure that you get the best seeds. Auto-flowering ones are usually smaller plants that require less water and these plants can easily hide in natural foliage. Further, they finish based on their age instead of hours of darkness, which implies that you can begin cropping around ten weeks from the date of germination.
The first main thing to consider when you decide on guerilla growing is choosing the right place to start. Where you decide to do your cannabis guerilla cultivation will make or break the operation. This aspect needs a good deal of fore-thought before event starting the germination of the seedlings.

Benefits of Auto-Flowering Seeds

Guerilla cannabis growing usually refers to cultivating marijuana away from one’s own property or in a remote place of one’s property where people hardly roam about.

Guerilla growing guide

When summer ends, you will need to add some plant food to get the maximum out of your plant. Try adding some nutrients and supplements like bat guano around the roots and watering it in. Go light on the nitrogen and look for plant foods with phosphorous and potassium. These nutrients will help you get the greatest yield from your plants.

Guerrilla growing is the growing in a secret, hidden outdoor place that is not in your own garden, usually somewhere in nature where it won’t easily be discovered.
Once the winter is over and spring has arrived, it is time to plant your cannabis plants. If you have already started them indoors, you are going to need to get them accustomed to the sunlight by putting them outdoors for a few hours every day. Get your plants all boxed up or grab your seeds and head to your guerrilla growing spot that you have chosen.

Every time you water your plant, check for pests. Under the lease and along the stems you will find damage if bugs are eating your plant. Deal with bug infestations immediately as bugs can kill your plant.
Avoid leaving an obvious path to your plot. Take a different route every time and if you are leaving foot prints, kick some dirt over them as you walk. Leaving an obvious path is an easy way for someone to discover your plant.
If you want your plants to grow large and produce pounds instead of ounces, it is recommended to root the clones or start your seeds in the winter indoors. You will want to plant your seeds and put them under some grow lights. Once they have started to sprout a bit, you will replant them in your grow spot. If you don’t have a spot to start growing indoors, you can still plant your seeds outside. You may not get as much.
The only disadvantage of guerrilla growing, is that your cannabis plants will be susceptible to wild animals and pests. You can put chicken wire around your plant to keep the wild animals out, especially if you are in an area with deer. You may also want to use some sort of pest control in the area to protect your plant.
If you used seeds instead of clones, your plants will start showing their sex around the end of summertime. The male plants have flowers that look like tiny banana pods and the female plants have white hairs coming from the nodes at the point where the branches and stems meet. Remove any male plants before they have a chance to fill the female buds with seeds.

Don’t get caught. It’s important to know your story just in case someone asks what you are doing. If you are near a lake, bring fishing equipment. You can also bring binoculars or ropes and say you are bird watching or rock climbing. If you are caught this early on, it may be time to find a new spot.

Guerrilla growing is the growing in a secret, hidden outdoor place that is not in your own garden, usually somewhere in nature where it won't easily be discovered