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growing set

Growing set

Average Amazon Review: 5.0 stars

Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Package size:400x260x110mm
Gross Weight:2.3KG
Application: Herbs,Fruits,Vegetables
These 20 products are everything you need to start from scratch for your first grow and grow 12 plants at home. They’re the highest quality options for each product, with the best possible price, to give you the best shot at a successful first grow with massive yields, all without breaking the bank.

Planet Earth Garden Supply has designed the perfect all in one grow package for the professional gardener. We’ve custom built each package with high quality equipment and technical expertise for an extremely high-performing grow tent.
Using Tips:
Suggested Continuous Working Time: 10~16 hours per day
Recommended Height to Plant: 0.5-1.2m according to different growing stages
Should you buy a complete all-in-one kit, or mix-and-match components to customize your kit? The weed growing kits listed below are great if you want to get everything you need to start growing your own cannabis plants at home, all in a single bundle purchase from Amazon. This is the easiest way to get started, but some people find they prefer the control of getting to pick components themselves to meet the needs of their specific grow space and goals. If you’re up for investing a bit more time up front to mix-and-match your own grow light selection, grow tent selection, etc. in with the other components in these complete marijuana grow box kits, check out our quick Weed Growing Kit A La Carte Product Recommendations List. If you’d prefer not to pick out the components yourself, then the list below is exactly what you need. Read on!
Kit assembles quickly and easily – no tools required. All included electronic devices plug directly into standard household grounded power outlets. All items are shipped in plain discrete packaging.
Here’s everything else you need to start your first grow:

# of Amazon Reviews: 1+

We reviewed the best weed growing kits and indoor marijuana grow box kits on the market as of May 2020 and created a simple list to help you pick the best complete grow tent kit for your indoor cannabis grow.

For a stylized planter that can live on your windowsill, kitchen counter, or any other room of your choosing, we recommend the FATPLANTS Cedar Planter Box Complete Herb Garden Kit. Each kit comes with three planter boxes that are constructed from cedar, which is naturally resistant to bugs, rot, and moisture. Plus, customers report that the smell of the cedar wood is amazing. Beyond the beautiful planter boxes, this kit comes with seeds, a storage bag (for the seeds), a cedar drip tray, and compressed soil. From fresh basil to parsley, you’ll be growing your own herbs in no time.

“The pots are relatively small compared to some other options, but it’s a great kit for beginners or even children.”
Want to start seeds indoors, then transplant them into your outdoor garden? The Nature’s Blossom’s Herb Garden Starter Kit is perfect for this thanks to its biodegradable growing pots. It will help you germinate five popular herbs that you can then move outside during the summer.

The Mr. Sprout Organic Herb Kit gets great reviews from users, who say it makes a wonderful family project. Several customers note that the seeds germinate quickly and the instruction booklet has lots of helpful hints for novice gardeners. Overall, it’s a quality product at an incredibly fair price.
Reviewers agree this is a great product if you’re willing to spend a little more on an herb garden. Some noteworthy comments include that the AeroGarden Harvest Elite is easy to set up, sprouts plants quickly, is simple to take care of and produces great herbs.
Customers give this herb kit high marks, noting that it’s exceptionally well crafted and looks wonderful on display in the home. While the cedar planter boxes were slightly larger than expected, and some customers found the soil hard to grow with, most customers were happy with their purchase and had no issues growing herbs.
If you want to try your hand at gardening but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, the Mr. Sprout Organic Herb Kit is perfect for you. This super-affordable seed starter kit will put your skills to the test at a bargain price so no sweat if you don’t succeed!
“Unlike many other kits, the Harvest Elite is a hydroponic system, meaning plants grow in water, not soil.”

If you want your herb garden to be a piece of decor in your home, the Planter Pro’s Complete Herb Garden Kit is both functional and beautiful. This kit is a bit more expensive than comparable products, but it comes with three rustic cedar wood planters and a matching drip tray that will look amazing as part of your decor.

Want fresh herbs for your cooking within easy reach? We found the best herb garden kit to make growing your own basil, dill, and more convenient and fun.