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growing purple kush

PH levels are important in nutrient and water management. The level of PH determines the ability of the plant to absorb nutrients. Your Kush yield is going to suffer when the PH is at extreme ends i.e. too low or too high. If you grow Kush in soil, the PH should be between 6.2 and 6.8. If you a have the hydroponics system, a PH average of 5.8 is still good. You can invest in a PH meter in order to determine the PH levels.
This well-detailed purple kush grow guide that can help anyone who wants to grow this marijuana strain. Note that each strain of marijuana has different growth requirements as well as maintenance guidelines. Below are some of the best purple kush grow tips
There have been reported side effects of Kush. This substance should be taken in moderation and under a lot of caution to avoid possible side effects. It’s also advisable to seek the advice of a health care provider before you indulge in purple Kush.
Growing Kush in soil can be done outdoors or indoors. But depending on where you choose to plant this marijuana strain, the flowering periods varies. However, growing purple Kush outdoors is very challenging as the external weather can’t be controlled. Purple Kush flowering time outdoors takes about takes a longer time compared to indoors. The indoors flowering time takes a maximum of 8 weeks and provides about 14-15 ounces of the Kush bud for every square-meter. Overall, the best way to grow purple kush is indoors.
Purple Kush is a type of weed that has more than 50 types of carcinogens. This means that directly inhaling it through smoking can cause lung cancer. The best way to avoid this is by taking this substance via other means which include edibles, candies, gummies etc.
From consumer reports, this plant can be used to melt down a variety of different types of pain. It’s mainly used to treat muscle tension that’s caused by chronic diseases. Purple Kush can be used to treat serious medical conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Besides that, it also helps to provide relief from reoccurring migraine.
There is a lot of misinformation on how to make purple Kush. Note that it’s impossible to “make” the buds purple by depriving this strain of cannabis carbon dioxide. Once you know how to grow kush indoors, you are guaranteed plenty of harvests.
Additionally, purple Kush can be used to treat cancer and nausea. An easier way which people can indulge in it is by taking candies, live resin, edibles, gummies, extract pills, bubble hash, concentrates, and candies.
This plant has potent –Indica and that’s why it has a lot of medical applications. However, it should only be used with proper consultations or awareness. The increased use of purple Kush is as a result of research studies which have established its harmless and healthy benefits.
All you need to know about growing purple kush marijuana. Learn more about what makes weed purple, purple kush flowering time, harvest time and other facts.