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growing medical marijuana in oklahoma

Growing medical marijuana in oklahoma

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Applicants must be at least 25 years old, reside in Oklahoma, and must be registered to conduct business in the state as well as meet other licensing requirements. Entities can have ownership consisting of no more than 25% ownership by non-Oklahoma residents.
While transportation licenses will be issued, they’ll only go to retail, cultivation or processing licensees – no exceptions.

Under the new regulations, enacted as of June 27, 2018, Oklahoma is now open for medical marijuana businesses.
Same as Dispensary steps, the only difference is that you will be contracting with dispensaries to provide your products to customers as well as contract with cultivators to grow marijuana for you.
The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) will oversee the program and have released the application information and requirements. Applications (form linked here) will be accepted starting no later than August 25 for an undetermined time.
The license application fee for growers, processors, and dispensaries will be $2,500.

  1. Read through our Starter Package to figure out what your city will require for licensing and the boatload of other to-do items to have in place prior to submitting your application for licensing.
  2. Setup your Marijuana Business Corporate Structure.
  3. Create your Marijuana Dispensary Business Plan.
  4. Acquire the necessary licenses to operate your dispensary and be completely legal and compliant.
  5. Install the operational infrastructure to be in accordance with all regulations and then open your doors for business.
  6. Contract with cultivators and/or processors to grow and process marijuana products for you, if you don’t want to do it yourself.

The regulations of this measure has provisions for:

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Growing medical marijuana in oklahoma

Growers must do monthly reporting to comply with licensing rules. Also, record keeping requirements include a duty to maintain certain records for three years or more.

Oklahoma regulations provide specific security measures required for licensee requirements that include for example, fence height requirements (eight feet total with spikes or barbed wire features around outdoor areas or greenhouses), facility door security requirements, location restrictions and restrictions on public visibility of grow operations.
Licensees are subject to inspections and audits by Oklahoma medical marijuana authorities. Licensing authorities may also require individuals to be questioned in relation to licensing matters with as little as 24 hours notice. This notice is specifically for the purpose of allowing the interviewee to attend the interview with representation from an Oklahoam marijuana growers attorney.

Grower licenses are valid for twelve months and must be renewed annually under OMMA rules. An Oklahoma medical marijuana growers license attorney can help you gain the assurance that your long-term investment in a growing operation will not be shut down by a shortfall in your annual growers license renewal.
Growers are required to strictly manage, track and transport all medical marijuana and medical marijuana products with software and security measures sufficient to comply with the rules and regulations.
The residency rules for a grower license requires that at least 75 percent of the ownership of a commercial grower operation be owned by Oklahoma residents. Additionally, no owner may be under 25 years of age.
All batches of harvested medical marijuana in Oklahoma must be inspected and tested to identify contaminants and determine chemical content with strict limits on a number of different metrics before being sold or transported. Medical marijuana that does not meet safety requirements through testing must be destroyed and properly disposed by growers.
Growers of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, termed under the rules for “commercial growers,” are classified as a “Medical Marijuana Business” requiring a “commercial license.” Commercial growers may only sell or transfer medical marijuana to licensed Oklahoma processors and dispensaries.

Growing cannabis in Oklahoma for sale as medical marijuana requires a license under the rules of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). A skilled marijuana business attorney can provide the knowledge required to keep your valuable grow in compliance with OMMA rules.

Commercial grow licenses through the OMMA in Oklahoma; medical marijuana lawyer representing license applicants and licensees facing annual renewal mattters