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growing marijuana in nevada

While many medical marijuana cultivators applied for both a recreational marijuana cultivation license and a recreational marijuana dispensary license, there are far fewer of the latter licenses available. Because there is no cap, however, on the number of cultivation licenses allowed, many dispensaries were able to get cultivation licenses.

“Everybody that has an issue with the application process today, is someone that didn’t get one,” Contine said.
Other regulations discussed during the tax commission meeting included a ban on online-based platforms that coordinate home deliveries of recreational marijuana, though retail establishments will continue to work with contracted distributors to allow home deliveries to continue.

Nevada Department of Taxation Director Deonne Contine said that there was little that her department, which oversees the burgeoning industry, could do. The original ballot measure, Question 2, that legalized adult-use marijuana a year ago outlined strict rules for the license application process during the first 18 months of legalization. Those rules include a set of guidelines on how to rank applicants, and those guidelines tend to reward those who previously have operated a similar business.
If enough dispensaries get their cultivation licenses, for which there is no cap in Nevada, some of the growers may have to shutter their operations.
Four Reno dispensaries begin sales of recreational marijuana.
Many of Reno’s dispensaries, for instance, are vertically integrated, growing product in a warehouse facility separate from the storefront or they are soon to go online with their own cultivation.
But the new regulations could shut cultivators out of the industry, they argued. Cultivators traditionally grow marijuana to be sold to dispensaries, which in turn sell the product to the public.

Cultivators before the Nevada Tax Commission on Tuesday lamented the number of dispensaries that have begun growing their own marijuana, saying that they had for years kept the medical marijuana market supplied with Nevada-grown weed.

Nevada's marijuana cultivators say that they are being squeezed out of their own industry.

Growing marijuana in nevada

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    • Application fee $5,000
    • License for retail marijuana store – $20,000
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  2. Setup your Marijuana Business Corporate Structure.
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  4. Determine your potential location(s) and investigate whether licensing is possible in the prospective cities or counties.
  5. Acquire the necessary licenses to operate your retail store and be completely legal and compliant.
  6. Install the operational infrastructure to be in accordance with all regulations and then open your doors for business.
  7. Contract with cultivators and/or edible/extraction/infused products manufacturers to grow and produce marijuana products for you, if you don’t want to do it yourself.

To get ahead and be prepared for when the state will start licensing marijuana businesses, you should:

In May 15-31, 2017, the Department accepted applications for an early start program slated to run from July 1 through the end of 2017. For this program, only operational medical marijuana establishment certificate holders “in good standing” could apply for retail marijuana licenses, with the exception of distributor licenses, which is a new license type under the retail program.
The fees associated with the applications are as follows:
The regulations of this measure, which became effective January 1, 2017, has provisions for:

    • Application fee $5,000
    • License for marijuana cultivator – $30,000

The state allows marijuana retail store to open in Nevada. Whether this is possible or not will hinge entirely on the city and/or county of choice as the state allows the local municipalities to ban or place moratoriums on whether to license dispensaries for operation or not.

    • Application fee $5,000
    • License for marijuana product manufacturer – $10,000

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