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growing marijuana in florida

Growing marijuana in florida

In the United States, legalization of marijuana has brought up a huge debate and divided opinions and views. However, many states have legalized medical marijuana and a few of them have made recreational marijuana legal. In the State of Florida, medical marijuana is still illegal but the state laws that govern marijuana use are not clear enough such that one can still possess marijuana legally. There are strict conditions for one to acquire Florida Marijuana Growing License. A Florida Medical Marijuana Attorney knows the laws that govern the growing of Marijuana very well and are best suited to assist you get the license you need.

In Florida, a medical marijuana grower can only have 6 flowering or 12 vegetative plants in accordance with the state laws. You may be arrested if you are found to possess even a single plant over this limit. However, We can help you as the grower grow more than this limit without even breaking the law. We achieve this by linking growers to Florida non-profit cannabis collectives which enable them to grow more cannabis under collective’s umbrella of medical patients. In return, they will pay monetary donation every month to the collective which allows them to offer affordable services to low-income clients.
Medical marijuana laws cover, growing, sale, delivery and use of marijuana. You must obey these laws or otherwise face legal penalties and fines for breaching them. Any individual or businesses in Florida are obliged to follow these laws. If you break any of these marijuana laws then an experienced Florida Marijuana Defense Attorney may help you out.

Come to us if you really want your license application to go through. We have professionals who are well versed about marijuana laws and will make sure that your business plan is good enough. You must have a business plan when you decide to invest a lot of money in a business. The sole purpose of a business plan is to show you the costs involved in running a medical marijuana business. It will also show you the costs per gram of marijuana, operation of your business and the profits you can expect to make. Our experts will help you come up with a professional business plan as per your liking.
Is this LEGAL? Yes, this is LEGAL since the plant limit for collectives is per member rather than per grower. Hence, an approved collective grower may own vegetative plants for other members making him/her grow more plants in the process. Our job is to match growers with collectives and once they pay monthly membership dues they become authorized collective growers allowing them to possess and grow beyond the plant limit. Just inform your collective how many plants you wish to possess and grow and they will assign you members to cover you. It is as simple as that
Cannabis is used for different purposes around the globe but different people have different opinions about its benefits and purpose.
There are a range of requirements that must be met before you can be given a Florida Marijuana Growing License. These are;
Getting a license to produce marijuana, you need a business plan. You can’t apply for a marijuana production license without a business plan.

You must always check the requirements from time to time since they always change.

Get your Florida Marijuana Growing License before the green rush happens in Florida.

Growing marijuana in florida

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Now that the 2020 election is a no-go, the petition groups are concentrating on 2022 because the signatures are valid for two years. The other initiatives are Sensible Florida, a ten-page petition seeking to regulate cannabis like alcohol; and Floridians for Freedom, a one-page petition that states “all people in the State of Florida 21 years of age and older shall have the right under state laws to possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis.”
Redner’s endorsement should be taken seriously: Floridians for Freedom makes the boldest effort in removing the criminal stigma from cannabis, while the other two are all about regulating marijuana, which would give police more power to destroy people’s lives over weed. Nevertheless, the petition has only 17,156 signatures — far from the 766,200 necessary to make it onto the ballot.

Redner, who has cancer in his lungs, prostate, and kidneys, uses a concentrated form of cannabis called Rick Simpson Oil to treat his stage-four lung cancer, which requires large amounts of cannabis. He plans to step up his activism this year by getting himself arrested for growing his own cannabis and then demanding a jury trial.
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“I wasn’t against any of them, but that was the one I wanted,” says Joe Redner, a septuagenarian strip-club owner in Tampa who spent years fighting laws on nudity and more recently for the right to legally grow his own cannabis.
The Sensible Florida petition — better known as Regulate Florida — is backed by Trulieve and other dispensaries, although they did not funnel millions of dollars into the campaign as Medmen and Surterra did for Make It Legal Florida. Floridians for Freedom, meanwhile, has gotten little press because it does not have the support of any dispensary or large funder. But it is widely supported by many activists who have been fighting for decades to legalize cannabis.
In fact, the biggest proponents for home-grow laws are the medical marijuana patients who depend on high doses, which can be expensive and inconsistent to purchase in dispensaries given the constant shortages on flower.

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Despite its name, the corporate-backed Make it Legal Florida petition to legalize cannabis would not have made it legal for citizens to grow their own marijuana.