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grow tent temperature too high

Grow tent temperature too high

Growing cannabis with coco coir in fabric pots is one of the best ways to grow if you want your plants to be able to resist the heat. These coco-grown plants were regularly exposed to temps that crept up over 85°F (30°C), and although that wasn’t ideal they made it to harvest just fine.

For example, if you’re using CFLs and are dealing with too much heat, then LEDs are could be a great choice for you. This is because LEDs are much more efficient than CFLs and put out less heat for the same amount of electricity. The only possible downside is you need to have extra height for LEDs because an LED panel needs to be kept at least 16-18” above the tops of your plants for the best results, while CFLs can be kept just inches away. Learn more about CFLs vs LEDs.
What can you do to protect your cannabis plants from heat damage?

Being smart about fan placement can save you a lot of money!
Reduce Power
Some strains are inherently more resistant to heat than others. For example strains that originated from the equatorial region, including many Sativa and Haze strains, can resist much higher temperatures than strains that originated in colder regions, such as many Indica strains.
1.) Supplements That Protect Against Heat Damage
Although LED grow lights don’t necessarily get bigger yields/watt than an HPS grow light, they tend to come in smaller sizes and have built-in heat sinks and fans to blow hot air up and away from the plants. This can make a big difference as far as how much heat is being felt by your plants. Just know that if you switch from a 600W HPS to an LED grow light that pulls 600W out the wall, that the amount of heat they put out is about the same – it just gets distributed differently.

Try to get supplements and nutrients from the same company

5 Secrets to Controlling Heat Indoors Table of Contents Controlling heat in the grow room is one aspect of growing marijuana indoors that can be difficult for many of us growers. Grow lights

Grow tent temperature too high

If you think that your plants can withstand a high temperature by any mean, you’re wrong. Almost any grow room plants can withstand 90-100°F and even higher temperature.

You can regulate the fan speed manually every now and then, but there are tools that can do it automatically, and accurately. My favorite is the newly released Titan Controls Kronus 4 .
Anyways, to be straightforward, we’re about to consider anything more than 85°F or 90°F high and going to look for the solution throughout the whole article.

Plants cool themselves by passing water through little holes on the leaves, called ‘Stomata’ . While water vaporized through Stomata, it takes heat from the leaves and cools the plants down. The process is called Transpiration.
Temperatures do affect a plant’s ability to photosynthesize, seed germination and fruit/flower development. Which all together, upset you with less and low-quality yield.
What exactly happens when you grow room temperature is too high? Here is the answer-
So, what you need to start with?
Air is the medium that conducts heat from the heat sources to the plants. So, if there is a way to ensure stronger air circulation around the tent-inside, the effect of heat will deduce.

Using an Oscillating Fan is the best way to get it done. Place it in a way that it can circulate air in almost every corner of the room, especially the air between the heat source and plant canopy.

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