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grow room temperature control

Grow room temperature control

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  • In addition to doing well in the heat, this strain is overall easy-to-grow and resistant to pests and mold
  • Has a surprisingly short flowering stage (8-9 weeks) for a Sativa-dominant strain, and doesn’t get too tall
  • Buds produce very heavy effects – more of a brain-melter with couchlock than a good choice for social situations
  • Does well indoors, and also grows exceptionally well outdoors (plus it is ready to harvest earlier than most other strains)
  • Great yields
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Note: Silica supplements (or more specifically Potassium silicate) will raise the pH of your water, so you may need to use a little bit extra PH Down. Learn more about pH.

So it’s sort of a double-whammy for plants grown hydroponically when it gets too hot in the grow room: they’re getting less oxygen AND becoming more vulnerable to root rot.
Being smart about fan placement can save you a lot of money!
However, many different companies offer supplements and it can be confusing to decide which one – if any – is best for your garden.
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Raising your lights tends to help bring down temps experienced by the plants, especially with big CFLs and MH/HPS grow lights. Getting a lot of light can make plants more likely to suffer from heat, so another bonus of moving your lights further away can help them be more heat-resistant.

Growing cannabis hydroponically can give you some of the fastest growth rates of any style of growing, but as mentioned earlier, hydro does not really play well with hot temperatures because too much heat tends to trigger root problems and slower growth.

5 Secrets to Controlling Heat Indoors Table of Contents Controlling heat in the grow room is one aspect of growing marijuana indoors that can be difficult for many of us growers. Grow lights

With regards to humidity, or moisture in the air, cannabis likes it between 40 and 70%. Certain growth periods like more humidity than others, like sprouting.

If it gets too hot, like above 80 degrees, the plant growth may speed up but you’ll need to increase watering and fertilizing. It may stretch instead of focusing on growing big buds.
HPS, or high-pressure sodium lamps are great for growing weed, except for two things. They consume a lot of electricity and they make a lot of heat. You can hit over 100 F in a small tent with HPS lamps. If this is your setup, be very careful about monitoring the temperature and using the fan and ventilation system to keep things cool. Also, place your ballasts outside the grow tent if you can.

  • When you sprout seeds and have seedlings that are beginning to grow roots, give the plants 65 to 70% humidity.
  • Once you have leaves and are in the vegetative stage, gradually lower the humidity each week by about 5% until the plants begin to flower.
  • At flowering, keep humidity levels around 40 to 50%.
  • Then about a week or two before you harvest, lower the humidity more, down to 30 to 40%.

The best temperature range for growing weed is between 68 and 77 degrees F. Also important for healthy cannabis, there shouldn’t be more than an 18-degree difference between daytime and nighttime temps, or lights on/lights off. Like we said, weed’s comfortable where people are comfortable.
If you’re investing your time and money into raising cannabis, you’ll want to control grow room temperature and humidity to get the best harvest possible. When you grow indoors, you’re the boss of the environment. With the right tools, you can keep things in balance. Digital hygrometers and digital thermometers, and combination monitors, give you the information to precisely control your marijuana’s environment.
If you use a grow tent, you probably have a relatively well-sealed off area where you have good control over conditions. You may already have a fan or extractor setup, especially if you’re using hot lights like HPS.
You control the weather in your grow room. You can create the best conditions for your plants. We’ll get to how you can do that. Meanwhile, here are some guidelines.

Keep your plants at the high end of the ideal range when they are vegetating, then drop the temperature to the low end for flowering and harvest.

Why and how to control temperature and humidity in your grow room. Best hygrometers and thermometers to monitor your marijuana grow space.