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grow room humidity control

Grow room humidity control

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The master controllers below are a huge asset to hydroponic growers, whether you have a large-sized grow op or a modest sized grow tent or cabinet. These devices monitor humidity and temperature levels (and sometimes CO2 levels as well) and hook up to your equipment in order to maintain the perfect level. Usually they do not plug directly into the equipment itself, but a separate timer. For example, you would not plug every single one of your grow lights directly into your master controller. Instead, you would plug your lights into the timer using a daisy chain configuration, and then plug the timer in to the controller.
Temperature Control
To cool down your grow room, switch to LED lights or increase the ventilation inside of the room. To make it warmer, you can use heating pads, additional lights, or switch to HID lights, which put out more heat than LEDs.

  • Wireless control up to 150 feet
  • Notifies you when you need to change your bulbs
  • Great for large-sized and professional grow ops

The Master Controller from Autopilot is an all-inclusive controller that lets you control up to 4 different devices, and has LED indicators to let you know immediately if anything goes wrong. You can set different temperature and humidity levels for day and night, so that your plants get the perfect environment 24 hours a day. This controller also has a battery backup, so if you experience a power outage you do not have to worry about your settings going back to default.


Keeping your grow room the right temperature and humidity level is so important when growing cannabis. These master controllers allow you to put your grow room on autopilot.

With regards to humidity, or moisture in the air, cannabis likes it between 40 and 70%. Certain growth periods like more humidity than others, like sprouting.

Keep your plants at the high end of the ideal range when they are vegetating, then drop the temperature to the low end for flowering and harvest.
HPS, or high-pressure sodium lamps are great for growing weed, except for two things. They consume a lot of electricity and they make a lot of heat. You can hit over 100 F in a small tent with HPS lamps. If this is your setup, be very careful about monitoring the temperature and using the fan and ventilation system to keep things cool. Also, place your ballasts outside the grow tent if you can.

The best temperature range for growing weed is between 68 and 77 degrees F. Also important for healthy cannabis, there shouldn’t be more than an 18-degree difference between daytime and nighttime temps, or lights on/lights off. Like we said, weed’s comfortable where people are comfortable.
If you’re investing your time and money into raising cannabis, you’ll want to control grow room temperature and humidity to get the best harvest possible. When you grow indoors, you’re the boss of the environment. With the right tools, you can keep things in balance. Digital hygrometers and digital thermometers, and combination monitors, give you the information to precisely control your marijuana’s environment.
You control the weather in your grow room. You can create the best conditions for your plants. We’ll get to how you can do that. Meanwhile, here are some guidelines.
If you use LED lights, you’re wasting less power and you’ll have hardly any heat to expel. In fact, if your grow room is in a cold place, like a garage in the winter, you may need a space heater with a thermostat to help you warm it up. Always use a heater in conjunction with a shutoff temperature or you could roast your weed by accident while you’re out shopping.
We’ve reviewed a number of different grow room climate control options below. You’ll find simple hygrometers and thermometers; heaters and cooling; humidifiers and dehumidifiers; and full-featured grow room controllers. So, whether you’re on a budget or you’ve got money to invest, read on and you should find just the right grow room control solution for you.

  • When you sprout seeds and have seedlings that are beginning to grow roots, give the plants 65 to 70% humidity.
  • Once you have leaves and are in the vegetative stage, gradually lower the humidity each week by about 5% until the plants begin to flower.
  • At flowering, keep humidity levels around 40 to 50%.
  • Then about a week or two before you harvest, lower the humidity more, down to 30 to 40%.

Why and how to control temperature and humidity in your grow room. Best hygrometers and thermometers to monitor your marijuana grow space.