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grow room co2 calculator

Grow room co2 calculator
Before you consider CO2, you should eliminate any plant problems from your grow. I’d say that the number one way to increase your yields is to prevent plant problems. If you’re suffering from plant problems like too much nitrogen or nutrient deficiencies, you should start here when considering how to increase yields, since these will negatively affect your yields much more than any benefit you get from CO2.
Note: It’s usually cheaper to get tanked CO2 from a welding supply store as opposed to a hydroponics store
Beware! Some people (especially companies selling poor CO2 products) will try to trick you into thinking that CO2 is some magical supplement you add to your grow room to make plants grow better. Unfortunately this is not the case! There are good ways to add CO2… and there are ineffective ways.
This means that you need to get rid of any possible air leaks when the grow space is closed. The only air getting in or out should be the air moving over your grow lights. You will keep this air segregated from your grow space by using ducting hooked up to the right type of reflector.
Many air-cooled hoods (like the one pictured here to the right) have the ability to be hooked up to ducting on both ends, which allows these hoods to be used for CO2 enrichment.
Must manually keep adding dry ice at least once/day
In this section we’ll cover exactly how CO2 affects marijuana growth at different stages of life, and what you can do to maximize your growth and yields.
There are 6 popular ways of adding CO2 to the air of your grow area…
Dry ice must be used immediately, so you’ll be constantly going back for more
Will CO2 work for your space? How do you get set up? Learn everything you need to know about CO2 injection…