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grow box homemade

Grow box homemade
This sounds too good to be true, right? This tutorial on YouTube will only require you to get two main materials for your tent.
Now, if you’re excited to know how to build your own home made grow tent, here are the diy grow box setup guide that I found and would love to share with you which I think help you to make a grow tent on a budget.
You’ll need a double-sized canvas wardrobe for this. To make the inside walls reflective, you will be using a mylar reflective sheet that is around 3m long.
Some commercial grow tents have compartments or pockets where you can store your tools.
You’ll only need a mylar sheet that only costs $1 and a couple of hula hoops. There are still other materials that you’ll need to use to build this, but those other materials are probably just lying around your place.
Grow tents are available in different sizes and you can easily get these online or from shops with gardening tools and items.
It’s a simple project that only takes about 20 minutes to finish. PVC pipes are less expensive to purchase compared to wood, so this is great if you want something inexpensive.
This is one of those DIY grow box projects that could only cost you less than $100. In fact, the one who made this guide only had to spend around $50 for this.
While getting a grow tent is a cheaper way to grow plants indoors rather than building your very own greenhouse, there are still ways for you to save a few more bucks with these.
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