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grow box building

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Strain: Platinum Huckleberry Cookies from Dynastic Genetics ( )
Light Schedule: 30 days in 18/6, 60 days in 12/12
Soil: Light mix
Nutrients: BioBizz (Root Juice, BioGrow, BioBloom, Topmax, Acti Vera, Bio Heaven)
This homemade stealth grow box with carbon filter is for people who don’t have much space or just need to be very discrete about growing and allows them to do the best part: grow your own.

Receive live stats temperature and humidity and alerts in app.
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Or better: how to build smartphone controlled grow fridge (like a seedo grow box / grobo / leaf grow box) but for 300$ rather than 3000$.
Checkout our website and instagram (ig: sgreenlab) for more.
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This setup is smartphone controlled using the Super Green Grower kit.

Using a swedish furniture and a ninja bundle from our shop you can easily get yourself a stealthy and cheap nano growbox for your personal need. The controll…