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grizzly strain

Grizzly strain

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Overview: Pink Kush is the latest indica strain by Barney’s Farm Seeds based off OG Kush genetics. Brilliant pink and purple color hues develop on the trichome-filled glistening buds of Pink Kush. A visually appealing strain. Grows good both indoors and outdoors, however caution must be taken to prevent mold in these Kush strains. Pink Kush gets a fragrant vanilla aroma and gives the classic hard-hitting indica stone.
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Overview: A new strain just recently made publicly available from DNA Genetic’s Private Reserve, X18 Pure Pakistani Regular Seeds represent the landrace Hindu Kush genetics which brought us the infamous Hash Plants. Dense, rock-hard buds form on slightly stretchy cannabis plants that reek of cheese and chorizo. Soaked with resin, the dried buds of X18 Pure Pakistani finish to a citrus-hash aroma and flavor with head-spinning indica effects. A good choice for breeders.
Overview: A new purple strain with good yields, Grizzly Purple Auto Seeds are made by breeding Critical Auto and Purple Afghani strains together. A visual beauty. In 10-12 weeks Grizzly Purple Auto Seeds complete their entire growth cycle, resulting in real deal purple buds with sweet & sour tones of citrus and tannic acid. Moderate-low THC levels of 9-13% and 0.6% CBD make this an ideal auto strain for stoners who prefer a mild effect.
Overview: An unusual new strain by Humboldt Seed Organization, Three Blue Kings is a cross of the infamous Blue Dream with Three Kings (Headband/Sour Diesel x OG Kush). Grown and bred in the great outdoors of Humboldt County California, this indica-dominant strain thrives in similar warm, dry climates and can be pumped up to yield over 6 pound per plant. Three Blue Kings makes resinous, potent buds tested at 24% THC with aromas of diesel fuel and fruit.
Overview: Seedsman’s newest strain, Alaskan Purple, is vigorous hybrid of Purple Alaskan, Kush and a landrace Brazilian sativa strain. This highly-productive cultivar adapts to many growing techniques used to optimize yield indoors such as LST, SOG, SCROG, super cropping, ect. Outdoors, Alaskan Purple finishes around early October and can be bulked up to over 3 1/2 pound plants. The sweet berry-floral buds give a relaxing high with a touch of psychedelia thanks to the Brazilian sativa genetics.
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Overview: From the High Times Cannabis Cup winning “ 9lb Hammer ” breeder Jinxproof comes a new 75% indica strain: Safety Meeting. Made from breeding the famous 9lb Hammer with Electric Watermelon, cracking Safety Meeting Regular Seeds results in super-tasty weed covered in thick glistening resin. Two phenotypes are dominant in the seeds – one more heavily indica while the other leans towards the sativa side.

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