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gorilla glue weed price

Last week, spot prices for flower in Alaska were $5,496 per lb, while prices in Colorado and Oregon fell to historic lows of $1,008 and $1,166, respectively, according to New Leaf.

The task is much harder for pot, and New Leaf’s experience stalking prices sheds light on the murky trade of what might be the fastest-growing U.S. commodity, sold legally and illegally for untold billions of dollars.
But the market in California – which recently legalized recreational use – is evolving rapidly and becoming more like a traditional industry, with buyers and sellers now sometimes meeting at industry events, Davies said.

The data show variations in demand for various brand among regions. For example, Blue Dream has reigned as the most popular strain for flower in Colorado and Washington since 2014. But in Oregon, tokers favor a strain known as GG – formerly “Gorilla Glue,” until its purveyors got sued by the makers of the actual glue by the same name.
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Joseph Hopkins, co-owner of a dispensary called The Greener Side in Eugene, Oregon, uses the data to deal with suppliers.
New Leaf makes money from about 350 pot proprietors and other subscribers who buy reports and custom analytics. It has raised money from investors who want exposure to the cannabis sector without the risk of breaking federal law.
“It’s all been word-of-mouth, through people we know and trust who are established players,” he said.

Cannabis firms still deal almost exclusively in cash to avoid a paper trail or because they have almost no access to banks and financial services. Because it’s illegal to transport the drug across state lines, prices and available products vary widely in different regions based on whether a state has both medical and recreational markets and the number of licensed dispensaries and producers.

In 2014, as Jonathan Rubin and Ian Laird considered investing in the booming U.S. cannabis industry, they hit a problem: How to value pot start-ups with little verified data on the price of the weed itself?

At least they’ve got the contested naming correlation down.

And while New York City’s pricey product is the result of prohibition, high delivery costs and the risks involved with importing California or Colorado bud to the East Coast, the Birmingham dealer told Metro that the local crop of GG#4 is just that; local.
In fact, the same dealer selling the high-class skunk credited the strain’s name to its couch-lock properties, even after plenty of press has told the real naming story – about buds so sticky they refuse to leave the hands.

“Our gardener decided to copy the American Gorilla Glue and we tested it on our normal weedheads and they did not leave their sofa for an hour.” The dealer said.
That’s right, the same strain being singled out for a Cease and Desist letter from the super glue company of the same name is now one of the U.K.’s most profitable illicit drugs, selling for prices usually associated with cocaine and designer pharmaceuticals.
The strain may be the same, and the results similar, but grown in once empty apartments or warehouses hidden from police, we’re guessing the original version of Colorado’s legally grown and highly tested Gorilla Glue would still win a potency showdown.
According to the, British stoners are going apeshit for California’s favorite strain, Gorilla Glue #4, paying up to $50 for a single gram of the ultra-sticky bud.
With legalization spreading across the country, prices of the once illicit plant are expectedly dropping. But while stoners in Colorado and Oregon are routinely paying as little as $25 for every eighth of an ounce and single digit dollar arounts for individual grams, the same top shelf tree can go for as much as $60 an eighth and $20 a gram in New York City. Across the pond, the recent introduction of high THC weed with name brand strains is knocking certain U.K. weed prices into the stratosphere.

One British dealer says a homegrown crop of California’s favorite strain is selling for as much as £40 a gram.

One British dealer says a homegrown crop of California’s favorite strain is selling for as much as £40 a gram.