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gorilla glue strain grow

  1. 5×5 grow tent
  2. 1000W MH grow lights during vegetation
  3. 1000W HPS grow lights during flowering
  4. 9 x 2-gallon ebb and grow buckets modified to make use of 5’’ net pots with the roots being suspended.
  5. 20-gallon reservoir
  6. 440 CFM exhaust

For those who are looking for more of a creativity-inducing high, Gorilla Glue 4 might not be the best option.
But what’s more, Gorilla Glue 4 marijuana plants are relatively easy to cultivate, the flowering stage takes only 8 to 9 weeks, and the yields are well above the average, ranging from moderate to high.

For a start, monitoring the pH levels of the growing medium, as well as the water you feed to your Gorilla Glue 4 plants is a MUST for any grower who wants to enjoy sufficient yields.
For instance, nasty aphids can wipe off your crops completely within a very short period. They are difficult to spot since they live on the underside of the leaves, they are pale in color, and their reproduction rates are monstrous. So before your plants can even display any signs of disease, it might be already too late for you to take appropriate action.
However, if you take the time to do your research and choose a suitable hydro setup, you can bring your cannabis growing adventure to never-seen-before dimensions when it comes to huge yields. Of course, not all strains will prefer a hydro setup as opposed to traditional soil growing but Gorilla Glue 4 is not one of these strains.
The better you understand your strain, the better you’ll be able to cultivate it (and, subsequently, to enjoy those huge yields we promised at the very beginning).

So, after spending hours of extensive research and evaluating the pros and the cons of the numerous marijuana strains available out there, you’ve finally had your eye on Gorilla Glue 4, huh?

Gorilla Glue #4 has become one of the most legendary marijuana strains ever made. Its sticky trichomes, huge yields and potent THC levels make this strain a competitor.