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good songs to listen to when high

Tame Impala have a very soothing musical texture, and their sound resembles the trippy phase of the Beatles, while the vocals are echo-filled and overtly mesmerizing.

Another fantastic electronic tune (it would suck if we included just rock tracks, right?), Luv Deluxe is a modern-day Shakespearean tragedy, just watch the video and you’ll know what I’m talking about.
This would be a really unprofessional list if I wasn’t going to include another absolute legend, and that’s Mr Hendrix himself.

In my own humble opinion “I’m the Mountain” is their most ambitious track to date, where all their excellence and talent are evident, plus it’s pretty funny the way the singer says “mountain” (the band is from Ukraine by the way).
I was somewhat unsure which exact song of theirs to place in this list, but Ramble On has pretty much everything that they’re famed for, both heavy riffs and gentle soothing parts, all wrapped up into one magnificent piece of listenable art.
Just in case some newer generations are completely unfamiliar with their sound, they should check out one of their most-famous masterpieces, for instance Shine On You Crazy Diamond:
If you want to feel sad and emotional for no apparent reason, Lean’s music is a way to go, and he’s also a very big fan of smoking loud (among other things…), so yeah, that makes two good reasons why one should listen to Leany.
As I previously mentioned, being objective in this type of article is almost impossible, and I’m definitely not claiming that I have some kind of universal understanding of music or anything like that, so I’ll be really depending on your opinion in order to make this piece as comprehensive as it can be.

Also considered as one of the few bands on the absolute top of the holy mountain of rock, combined with the tragic departure of the biggest poet in modern musical history, Doors are definitely a superb choice for taking one toke over the line.

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We really could put any of their songs off of their 2016 album “How to Be a Human Being”, but we decided to choose this one for its incredible build up and drop off near the end of the song.

It was written and sung by the legendary John Lennon, who described it as his highest achievement as a member of The Beatles.
Pink Floyd is probably the best band to listen to while high, so we could put dozens of songs by them on this list.

There’s a ton of great Snoop songs out there dedicated to smoking weed.
If you’re just starting to listen to the legendary pot smoker, start out with his most popular song.
This song, released in 1977, was featured on their classic Exodus Album.
If you are looking for songs that are deep and meaningful and will cause you to really look at your life, this is a great song choice.
If you enjoy this song while you’re high, check out other Cudi songs as he is one of the best artists to listen to while floating in the clouds.

Depending on your music preference, you may have a different idea of what the best songs to listen to when high are.

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