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good looking weed

These two strains have to go one alongside each other. Bubble Gum was first grown in Indiana by an anonymous grower. After that, it got widely popular, and became one of the top picks in the Netherlands.

Bubblelicious is one of the newest strains out there. It has a very nice mix of green, pink and gray. It is a medium tall sativa that prefers growing outside.
It grows mostly sideways, so its bushes get both huge and skunky!

The Black is another black strain, although its nugs are not really that dark. It was discovered in during the 1980’s, but it didn’t become popular until 2008.
This is also one of the strains with a purple flower and green leafs which heavily contrast the flower. It’s a cross between Black Cherry Soda, Super Silver Haze, and Cheese, which means truly epic genetics.
As you can see on the image above, this combination gives an incredible versatility of colors and a variety of phenotypes. Just perfect for a mother/father of your next cross.
These plants prefer growing outside on the sun as they have a lot of Sativa genetics. Keep them in soil, and feed them with lots of carbon dioxide for maximal growth.
I’ve decided to place them into 3 separate categories:

The plant is known for having a dark complexion all over the bushy canopy, and gorgeous pale flowers. The peak of its beauty is during the flowering phase because the sleek black leaves look like huge fingers.

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10. Tested Products

Good marijuana will have none of the three S’s mentioned above. It should have very few sticks and stems holding the bud together, and there shouldn’t be any seeds. The thicker the bud, the better.
The texture of marijuana is also very important, and also very finicky. Properly cured marijuana should be slightly dried but also still sticky. If your marijuana isn’t sticky, that means it’s probably dried out and will turn to dust easily. But you also don’t want it to be too moist as well. You want it right in that sweet spot: a little dry, and a little sticky.

When marijuana is well-pollinated and matured, it will grow little orange hairs. That’s the sign of a high quality strain of cannabis. If you see orange hairs, then you know you’re getting the good stuff.
This one’s pretty easy, but if you see something off about your marijuana, don’t smoke it. Make sure to check your cannabis for mold or little bugs before buying. And if you see any thin, white hairs that look like a spider web, that’s probably spider mites. Avoid that as well.
This won’t necessarily tell you if marijuana is good or bad. But a well-trimmed bud without extra leaves or stems shows that cannabis was maintained well and whoever grew or sold it takes care of their product.
Color is one of the easiest ways to tell if your marijuana is high quality or not. Good cannabis is green, with flecks of orange or purple. Brown cannabis, however, means its bad and could contain mold, pesticides or other funky stuff.
Taste can be a little harder if you’re not a more experienced marijuana user. Good cannabis should taste fresh. If it tastes off or not fresh, then you should avoid it.

6. Seeds, Sticks and Stems

Do you know how to tell good weed from bad weed? We've listed ten ways to help you be able to distinguish between the two.