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golden valley seeder

The awesome dinner Dr Deer treated us to during our trip to Texas for Dr Deer day

Go by and check them out:
Jack Moreman
L&M Seed – Clarendon, TX
Delivered a GV60 to another happy customer today!!

Got 2 different types of wheels for sale Shoot me a message or call (580)227-2345 for details and pricing
Southern Engineering to get this GV 36 off the truck near Sidney, TX. Gorgeous countryside. Glad I took this delivery BUT I will be sore tomorrow! —Marva
Just delivered another GV60 planter on the way back from ” Dr Deer”. Excited to hear his review back on it!
Hey give me a call to buy one of these awesome units 580-227-2345
Here is it everyone – our first TV commercial for North American Whitetail TV!! ” Dr Deer”

Dr. James Kroll (aka “Dr. Deer”) talks about the average natural diet of a white-tailed deer. Learn what deer are eating and you’ll become a better hunter. F.

Golden Valley Enterprises Manufacturer of high quality plot preperation/seeding machines (2) Innovative one pass disc, chisel, seeder, and cultipacker. Includes Golden Valley’s state of the