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gold weed rolling papers

Gold weed rolling papers

The Shine brand is practically synonymous with luxury gold rolling papers. They are definitely the best-known name in the market.

Shine includes a certificate stating their legitimacy and purity.
These Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers stand out because they’re the iconic gold rolling papers.

Full Disclosure: I received some free products from Shine, and it turns out smoking gold joints really does make you feel like a baller.
They measure 1.25 inches, and include a hemp base. This means they burn slowly, allowing you to fully enjoy how outrageously bougie you’re being.
These Shine King-Sized 24K Gold Pre-Roll Cones stand out because they’re just like the 24K gold rolling papers listed above — except you don’t have to know how to roll a joint.
Can’t roll a joint to save your life? No problem. This is basically error-proof. Just grind up your cannabis (with an amazing grinder, for best results), and stuff it into this paper cone.
When you purchase a pack of Shine papers, you’ll receive two sheets. Just two. (So maybe don’t entrust this rolling task friend who’s never rolled a joint before.)

It’s shaped like a tiny ice cream cone. You can’t skimp when you’re packing a cone; you have to fill it up, then twist the end.

Gold rolling papers announce your baller status to the world. (Or to Instagram.) Discover the best gold rolling papers, like the Shine gold cone, today.