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gold connection fresno ca

They’re guessing the damage and lost jewelry and precious metals will add up to about $10,000.

The burglars wore disguises, but they left some clues that could help police catch them.
Police got to the store within three or four minutes of the alarms going off and they have all the clues now to catch the crooks.

“You don’t know,” Markarian said. “It’s such a rush where you see the person walking into your store. You can see them and hear them. We ran down here and we showed up and we saw a big mess.”
The thieves wore gloves, hooded jackets, and masked their faces. But cameras got a pretty good look at their car — a sedan Markarian thinks might be a Nissan Altima.
The thieves left behind plenty of more valuable items in favor of relatively cheap watches and basic coins, so Markarian guesses they don’t have any expertise in that arena.
No matter what angle he watched, it filled him with fear and adrenaline.
But they hit the store and left within 90 seconds. Their quick work inside and in getting the door off its frame leads him to believe they’d already surveyed the store — coming as customers once and coming back as crooks.

When the alarms at Gold Connection went off just after 4 a.m., video of burglars pumped directly into Jack Markarian’s phone.

A quick and damaging burglary hit a northwest Fresno store Wednesday morning, but surveillance cameras recorded the three suspects all the way through.

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