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ghost of lee roy strain

The immediate effects of Ghost of Lee Roy cause users to be happy and uplifted, with a really nice buzz. Don’t be shocked if you find yourself giggling after use, and most likely with the munchies.

This rare strain comes from breeder Rare Dankness. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid, crossed between parent strains Lee Roy and Ghost OG. This strain has the hard-hitting effects of parent Lee Roy, and the smoothness of Ghost OG.
Cotton candy with lemon notes

This strain smells just as sweet as it tastes.
>25% THC
Once the initial buzz settles, consumers are left with an intense sense of calm and relaxation. While this one won’t totally knock you out, it has been known to creep up on people and zap users, leaving the feeling slightly sedated. Smoke a lot, and you’ll probably find yourself taking a nice long nap.
Ghost OG x Lee Roy
This strain has a high calyx to leaf ratio. Overall, this is a really nice tasting smoke with a well-rounded, enjoyable high.

Medical Uses
This strain is great for pain management and can be used to treat symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.

The Ghost of Lee Roy is an indica-leaning hybrid strain of cannabis that is great for pain and helpful for anxiety & depression. Available today at Kind Love Dispensary!