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germinating weed seeds in water

Grab a glass drinking cup and fill it for three quarters with lukewarm water. Then place the cannabis seeds into the cup of water. You will see that the cannabis seeds will float first. Try to push the seeds down gently with the tip of your finger without touching the bottom of the glass. Will the cannabis seeds rise again? Then wait 1 – 2 hours and try again.

To sprout your cannabis seeds, the seeds must be in a dark environment.
Weedseedsexpress sells cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor growing. Our seeds are generally easy to germinate, but because you are dealing with a product from nature, you need to skillfully address the germination process. Moreover, sprouting weed seeds in a successful way requires patience.

In this step you need a ceramic plate and two sheets of kitchen paper (paper towel). Kitchen paper is thick enough to retain the moisture, which is very important for the germination of your cannabis seeds.
Take the plate and put two sheets of kitchen paper on it. The kitchen paper must cover the dish or plate entirety. Spray the paper towel completely wet with a plant spray. The paper must be wet, but not dripping wet.
Seeds that haven’t germinated after 24 hours will need extra time. Provide these seeds with another additional 24 hours and repeat step 5 by keeping the paper towel wet. Check again after 24 hours whether these seeds have germinated. In rare case, sprouting can take up to 168 hours.
Note: Be very careful when the seeds germinate. Avoid poking, pulling or touching the seeds with bare hands. You don’t want to damage the roots.
In step 1, some seeds probably germinated a bit. Others possibly not yet. Whatever the situation is, after a maximum of 34 hours you go to step 2 of the germination process.
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For a successful germination you need:

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