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garlic cookies seeds

Garlic cookies seeds

Perfect flower for night time/sleep issues. Highly recommended!

my favorite of over 100 strains I have tried.
Garlic cookies is the best strain I have found for my pain. It has helped my stomach issues so much. It taste great very intense and helps with sleeping.

Great for pain, anxiety, depression, and lack of appetite. Powerful and potent while not depriving user of being present. Strong body rush of relaxation. Only drawback is the dense heavy lung expansive qualites that may hinder older users from partaking on a more regular basis. Noticed the abundance of long stigmas in the pistil.
This strain is next level. It’s smell is robust, distinct, almost fungal, with a hint of sweetness somehow mixed in. It’s fluffy with kernels of bud that range from hues of yellow to black, all laced with Amber colored tricombs and crystals. The smoke is comforting. Powerful but not intense. It’s definitely a refined high that takes some experience to compare anything to it. It’s an idyllic and unique strand. And amongst such strands it deserves the highest of grades for curiosity potency and pungency
I love this strain, it’s like a warm blanket and this one is cerebral hits you right between the eyes, phenomenal long lasting buzz, only drawback is usually $14.00 a gram and hard to find!
More power than expected and everything good you’d want for anxiety. Was also cheaper than some strains that offered 19% by ten bucks!
I like versatile strains, and I find this one not only versatile, but really powerful. I find the effects much better when I heavily indulge in this strain versus taking it easy or just moderately. When I hit this one hard, I feel a very high ceiling is reached regarding euphoria, and although the mind effects are significant, I get a nice body-buzzed feeling to go with the strong psychadelic-like feelings I get from it. I thought it was a gimmick, regarding the highly touted extremely high THC count but it’s real, and it’s apparent in the experience of consuming this weed. For me though, to really enjoy Garlic Cookies the most, I have to heavily indulge in it, and then be prepared for a fun ride. I wouldn’t use this strain if I knew I had to function socially with strangers or around groups of people who are not weed-friendly, because it would be apparent I was high, I don’t think I could hide it. 9/10

Heavy hitter, I find I feel very euphoric on this strain, almost to the point I feel a bit drowsy yet still cognizant. I can take this either way. I can let it nudge me to sleep as it overpowers my senses with drowsiness, or I can make myself move using the extreme euphoric energy of the strain to power my movements. This strain grew on me, the first couple times I was not impressed but what I found was I get the best effects from Garlic Cookies when I indulge in it. Meaning, really consume it at a high clip, enjoy your inner pothead and hit it hard. Once I did that, it seems i reached a very high ceiling of potency and effect! I find it is strong enough to take my mind off stress, and it’s also strong enough to really give my creative energies a good boost if I use it in this manner, however it’s just as easy to use this strain to unwind, relax, and sleep. This strain is very versatile and very powerful when harnessed properly! Weed Score 9/10

Garlic Cookies is a heavily indica dominant hybrid strain (90% indica/10% sativa) created through crossing the potent Chemdawg X Girl Scout Cookies strains. Infamous for its heavy flavor and hard-hitting effects, this bud is a favorite of indica users around the world. Garlic Cookies has a flav…

Garlic cookies seeds

What does Garlic Cookies taste like?

This strain has been reported by reviewers to help decrease chronic pain, eliminate nausea, and help with feelings of depression.
What does Garlic Cookies mean?

Garlic Cookies, which is sometimes called GMO or GMO Cookies, is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that’s been reported by reviewers to produce hard-hitting physical effects that last a long time (about three hours). It relaxes and places the consumer in a state of bliss, according to its fans.
Where does Garlic Cookies come from?
THC levels often reach up to 30% for Garlic Cookies.
Surprisingly, Garlic Cookies produces a taste that’s not as bad as it might sound, though it is of cookies mixed with garlic.
What does Garlic Cookies look like?

What does Garlic Cookies smell like?

Garlic Cookies Taste & Smell Effects Pairs Well With About this Hybrid Strain Lab Data Cannabinoid Lab Data Cannabinoid Amount THC: 26.03% Terpene