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games to play when you re high

StarCraft is easily the greatest game ever made. If you didn’t spend a significant portion of your formative years doing bong hits and killing zerglings, I feel very sorry for you. You missed out. The good news is, more than 20 years after the original’s release, the game is still immensely popular and there are plenty of people to play with. So pick up the newly remastered original and put those tanks in siege mode. The sound of zerglings exploding will be just as satisfying as it was back in 1996.
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Being high is also the only way to make Dwemer Ruins at all palatable. – Nicole Clark, Staff Writer, VICE
You are anything and everything, from a molecule to a post office to a galaxy in the dry, witty Irish animator David O’Reilly’s biggest video game. All you do is explore, passing your consciousness from object to organism and back across seemingly infinite biomes, planets, and celestial bodies. Along the way, you unearth wisdom from the philosopher Alan Watts, who helped popularize the philosophy that *hits blunt* all life is connected and is actually a single organism. There’s not really a way to win or lose—again, everything is you, so there’s no one to beat—which makes it the perfect, low-pressure game to puff n’ play. – Beckett Mufson, Staff Writer, VICE

You will not want THC for this one, but you might need CBD. This is easily the best game I’ve played in the last ten years, and one of my top five favorites of all time. You play as an android, tasked with saving the Earth from robots so humans may eventually repopulate it. But the robots start to demonstrate sentience in a way that feels eerily. human. I will cut off there for the sake of spoilers, but the game has multiple play-throughs, and each of them upends your expectations of the previous ones. If you go so far as to play through even the credits, you’ll find a game that slices into the very essence of what makes us, well, us.
If you’re going to pick a Bethesda game to play high, don’t go for the higher brow Skyrim or any of the Fallout titles. Nah, pick up Morrowind—a de facto turning point in Elder Scrolls titles that still has crap graphics and a really willy-nilly combat system where it’s unclear if your weapons ever connect with your enemy, but sometimes they get hurt (and usually you do, too). The game is incredible, you don’t even need a fence to sell stolen goods.
The game is, basically: existential anxiety but make it fun. Any further summary will not do it justice. Play it, but with the necessary moral support and emotional fortifications. – NC
More than that, the gameplay is an absolute joy. It combines the best of JRPG style movement, with absolutely massive swords or hammers, and a hovering companion bot that can shoot bullets or missiles. It’s a bullet hell that never feels like drudgery.
This fighting game is all about rhythm, and when I’m playing with friends it pays to think outside the box. I often lose after I’ve smoked thanks to slightly delayed reflexes, but when I win it’s incredible. Unexpected tactics pay off, like bouncing a laser sword across the map for no reason, only to have a surprised opponent jump right into it. The game’s premise itself also becomes wonderfully absurd while high. Why are Pikachu and Link fighting? I feel like they would be bros if they ever actually met.

I would recommend It’s a free in-browser multiplayer game where you are a snake eating colorful, glowing orbs to grow larger. You start out very small and can potentially get very big. When you inevitably run into another snake, you explode into a bunch of smoldering spheres yourself. It’s pretty chill. – Peter Slattery, Social Media Editor, VICE

Don't bother playing anything stoned if it's not on this list.