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g6 weed

G6 weed

THC percentages of this strain tend to stay in the high teens while CBD levels are below 1%. G6 is the result of crossing Aspen OG with High Country Diesel.

G6 is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that also goes by the name of Jet Fuel . Its renowned among reviewers for its sweet, jet fuel-like scent and taste as well as its quick onset after consuming.
Effects have been described as more cerebral than physical as reviewers note how they’ve experienced enhanced moods and a creative kick. Some experienced a jolt of energy as muscle and joint pain lessened. Others enjoy how G6 placed them in a dream-like state while inducing the munchies.

The buds of G6 are shaped like short teardrops and can be dense after curing. Their light blue shades are easily recognizable amid tan pistils, giving them the appearance of miniature blue spruces.
What does G6’s effects feel like?
The cured nuggets of G6 look like miniature blue spruces and have small tan pistils winding their way through them amid a dusting of trichomes on its flowers’ edges.
Like its scent, the taste of G6 is similar to jet fuel but with sweet floral notes.
Where does G6 come from?

What does G6 mean?

The cannabis strain G6 is named after the Gulfstream 650 aircraft, which is the fastest civil aircraft ever produced. It references the notion that this strain might get you high quickly with the luxury of providing a deliciously sweet but pungent jet fuel taste. Not surprisingly, this strain also…