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fun games for stoners

Fun games for stoners

For those who don’t know their Greek mythology or have never watched Clash of the Titans, Medusa was a Gorgon with snakes in her hair. If you caught sight of her, you were turned to stone. This is one of the stoner games that is fun to play in a big group and there are a bunch of different varieties.

There’s nothing better than some great weed and some fun stoner games to help the evening go with a blast. All the above games are played regularly at parties across the US and around the world with their own little regional variations. Of course, you can settle for some ready made games like Twister to get the giggles going.
This works a little better than the Jammin’ game simply because it takes longer and you don’t get high so quickly. Plus the fact you get to watch a good film while you’re relaxing.

Never heard of this one? It’s for film buffs really but can be one of those stoner games which go on for ever. Someone says the name of an actor and the team has to connect that actor in six steps to Kevin Bacon. It does require a lot of thought and maybe a little internet searching to get the right answer but it’s fun too.
Most people who have a thing for stoner games have heard of the Wheel of Weed. It takes a bit more preplanning than other games which can mostly be done on the spur of the moment. You’ll need a board with several categories on it and a pointer that you can spin. Categories can be anything including taking a toke, telling a joke or doing a forfeit.
This is also one of those stoner games that can get pretty silly in a short space of time, especially if more than one person gets caught out at the same time.
This is an old English drinking challenge but it translates well into the world of stoner games. It’s a list of things to say which everyone repeats in turn, gradually becoming more difficult as lines are added. If you get it wrong, you take a toke.
The basic rules are these:

The full list is:

For anyone who smokes cannabis regularly, stoner games are something of a ritual. There’s nothing better than trying your hand at something which is way too complex when you’re stoned or high. Some people like video games, others want a group activity that gets everyone laughing. &nbsp …