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fruity weed names

Fruity weed names

Citrus flavour, which is present in some local strains from Asia or South America, comes from a terpene called limonene. Highly appreciated by many users, these strains have been bred to fix this trait and even enrich it, so we can now find diverse genetic lines with complex citrus scent, each of them with its own nuances and personality. In this way, Las Vegas Lemon Skunk has favored the appearance of many other strains with citrus aroma, like Super Lemon OG, Lemon OG Candy, Lemon Walker.

Other strains have aromas reminiscent of raspberries and/or blackberries, like Pakistan Chitral Kush, BlackBerry or Cherrygasm, which has intense cherry notes.
Across the pond, in the USA, Tangie has become a reference when it comes to developing cannabis strains with sweet, acid and citrus aroma, as we see in genetics like Tangie, Sour Tangie or TangieMatic. Tangie is available in regular, feminised and automatic seed form, being very popular among all types of growers but particularly among enthusiasts of resin extractions mainly due its amazing scent.

Blue Fin by Mosca Seeds
On the other hand, we have other genetics more similar to mandarins or grapefruits. New York City Diesel has been used in many hybrids developed in Europe for its awesome mandarin scent; OG Fuel, Heaven’s Fruit, Red Diesel or Session are all crosses containing NYCD genes and with intense citrus flavour.
At the present time, there are plenty of strains with orange scent, from TGA’s Agent Orange (which combines orange and sweet notes) to Orange Creamiscle, California Orange or Orange Sorbet from Karma Genetics.
However, and depending on concentrations and interactions with other terpenes, another limonene isomer can also produce a scent more similar to oranges or mandarins. Without a doubt, Orange Bud – a particularly smelly Skunk phenotype which became a legend in many Dutch coffee shops – is one of the classics from the 80s with this trait. Recently, The guys at Dutch Passion presented a new version of this classic, an Orange Bud x California Orange hybrid which they’ve called Orange Hill.
A hybrid developed with Jack the Ripper

Sometimes, this type of flavour is the most important trait for many growers when selecting new plants, so some seed companies have specialized in developing strains with this terpene profile.

Oftenly, cannabis enthusiasts choose their next strains to grow according to their flavour. In this article we tell you which are some of the best gen