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frostiest weed

Frostiest weed

Chem Scout—IC Collective
Flowering time: 8 weeks

Justin Cannabis/ High Times
Dosi Sherbet—Elev8 Seeds
Flowering time: 9 weeks

Franco’s Lemon Cheese—Green House Seed Company
Flowering time: 9-11 weeks
Bred by CEO and co-founder JB, Kush Mountains won our prestigious 2018 World Cannabis Cup First Place Hybrid Flower award, defeating other Cup winners for the best of the best OG. She’s a cross between the super-frosty White Walker OG and another Cannabiotix exclusive, Blue Flame OG. JB pheno-hunted through thousands of offspring to find the keeper that, he tells me, “has the tendency to ‘golf ball’ all the way up the plant, but will chunk out with a cool environment and smart feeding schedule.”
LA’s Happy Leaf Collective won the 2016 SoCal Cannabis Cup for First Place Sativa Flower with this powerhouse Nameless Genetics strain. From the illustrious creators of Mega Wellness OG, the frosty Mega Queso packs a powerful punch. The dense and sticky nuggets produce incredible concentrates, including a fantastic live resin with an intense terpene profile and appetite-stimulating potency. This sativa-dominant hybrid combines the best of both worlds for an overall buzz that’s both calming and uplifting at the same time.
Mandarin Cookies—Ethos Genetics
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Rosetta Stone XX—Brothers Grimm Seeds
Flowering time: 9-10 weeks

Legendary cannabis breeding outfit Brothers Grimm, revived in 2015, returns to the sensi stage with its take on a classic. By pollinating Jack Herer with reversed female pollen from his Cinderella 99 signature strain, Brothers Grimm’s Mr. Soul retained the beloved spicy sandalwood aroma and musky flavor of the Jack, but added resin production, stability and yield while reducing flowering time. Unlike some poorly produced feminized seeds, these beans pop 100 percent female and grow into heavy plants that need extra support or trellising.

The official High Times ranking of the best strains of 2018.

Frostiest weed

Cactus Breath
The strain’s dense nugs could easily pass for a barrel cactus hiding under a rock; its chunky, full calyxes create round buds, but with protruding limbs and an opaque coat of trichomes that stick to your fingers like fishhooks.

I’ve been lucky enough to check out hundreds of sexy strains with this gig, some of which are so gorgeous that it’s bittersweet to break them apart and burn them to ashes. And 2018 hasn’t disappointed, with Denver’s pot shops pumping out a gallery of ganja that even my mediocre photo skills can’t ruin. Here are ten of the prettiest strains I’ve smoked so far this year.
Don’t be put off by Hercules’s slender bud structure, as its finger- and diamond-shaped nugs are more about length than width. The strain’s bright-green color, peach pistils and moderate crust of milky trichomes make for a vibrant combination that pairs well with its smell.

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Alien Dream
The strain’s striking wintergreen color, sparse pistil coverage and sheath of resin glands certainly look out of this world, with spiky, compact calyxes that foxtail into odd shapes with a hard-candy coating.
Killer Queen
Killer Queen has spiky nugs that range from circular to fist-shaped, with many odd forms in between. The strain’s bright-green color and dusty coat of amber trichomes have the appearance of a piney kush, but the open bud structure is similar to that of Cinderella 99.
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I've been lucky enough to check out hundreds of sexy strains with this gig, some of which are so gorgeous that it's bittersweet to break them apart and burn them to ashes. Here are ten of the prettiest strains I've smoked so far this year.