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frisian dew outdoor grow

The fat-bud phenotype had swollen flowers that were much rounder than the scarlet phenotype, and the pistillate hairs were either white or orange. These buds were so dense that if I hadn’t been told Frisian Dew was resistant to gray mold, I’d have backed off my watering and dialed my grow-room humidity to 55–60 percent.
Dutch Passion predicts an eight-week bloom phase for Frisian Dew, but in my grow room, the fat-bud phenotype was ready at 60 days, and the sativa phenotype at 65 days. During drying and curing, the fat Frisian buds wafted out a strong scent of roses and fruit, whereas the sativa phenotype buds smelled like strong black pepper.
Van Dalen is the first and only winner of the High Times Dutch Master Award in 2011, in part because he pioneered feminized and autoflowering cannabis.
Not only did these two phenotypes have divergent bud coloration, shape and size, but the buds smelled completely different, too.
Looking for a rugged, mega-yielding cannabis strain for your outdoor marijuana grow season? Well, look no further. We’ve unearthed a sweet, potent, resilient strain that’s perfect for this type of grow operation. It’s name? Frisian Dew.
The high made me feel I was melting, like I was about to faint. I had a goofy smile plastered on my face. What was especially funny is that when I floated into the grow room to shoot pictures of the unharvested parts of the plants, I was so stoned that I couldn’t hold the camera steady and almost dropped it.
I was stoked to get seeds and grow this strain, but here’s the catch: Dutch Passion makes it very clear that Frisian Dew is an outdoor-only strain. And I grow only indoors.
The first time I ever laid eyes on Frisian Dew, it was growing outdoors in a drenching cold rain on a south-facing site near a rural canal a few miles outside of urbanized Amsterdam. The grower had seven Frisian Dew plants that had been started in a greenhouse and placed outdoors in late April. Each plant was in a 50-gallon container loaded with a Dutch version of supersoil. The containers had dozens of holes poked in their sides and bottoms to facilitate extra drainage.
I originally wanted to grow Frisian Dew just so I could photograph its beautiful buds. I hadn’t thought much about yield or psychoactive effects, which are my usual priorities when I select marijuana strains.
A Dutch outdoor marijuana strain that can resist mold, mildew and heavy rainfall, while producing big, beautiful, potent buds? Yes, please!