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feminized seeds vs regular

Feminized seeds vs regular

Regular forever.
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There are many seedbanks which only carry feminized cannabis seeds. This has become more common as seedbanks themselves have become more common. With the growing awareness (pun intended) of the advantages of feminized seeds, the question of why Sensi Seeds still carries regular cannabis seeds is quite a reasonable one!
The short answer is, you can try. There’s no reason you shouldn’t attempt to breed, or create a mother plant, using feminized cannabis seeds. However, it’s our firm belief that these practices are more likely to succeed using plants grown from regular cannabis seeds.

From a crop grown from regular cannabis seeds, the best female plants are selected to become ‘mothers’ – so called because with loving care, they can produce potentially hundreds of ‘children’ over the space of several years. The clones that are taken from these mother plants are tiny replicas down to the last scrap of genetic material – including their female sex.
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I have been growing your seeds for some years now, some with suces some not made for Denmark.. Like Mexican Sativa and Jamaican Pearl, wich I told you about last year..
This is also why feminized seeds must always be referred to by that name – they aren’t truly female, and therefore cannot be sold as such. Watch out for seeds described as ‘100% female’, as this is nothing more than a marketing ploy!
There are two main purposes for regular cannabis seeds, aside from the usual and most common one of simply growing buds.

Feminised is quite ok.
And that there are strong ruderalis genes, so be it.

The difference between regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds is more than skin deep, and regular cannabis seeds lend themselves to all kinds of fun for growers who want to experiment. Discover what Sensi Seeds original varieties could bring to you!

To get the answers we strongly advise you to keep on reading. Besides the differences we also explain the advantages and disadvantages of feminized and autoflower seeds so you can make a well-considered decision.

When it comes to growing, two seed types are very popular: feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds. The similarities between feminized and autoflowering are the plants ability to develop female plants and produce buds which you can smoke, vape, eat, juice or make oil from. But what is the difference between feminized and autoflowering seeds and which one is best for you?
Where feminized seeds begin to flower as soon as they receive less sunlight (or artificial light) an autoflower will start to flower based on age. For this, the grower doesn’t have to adjust the lighting schedule or wait for the arrival of autumn. Growing an autoflower is therefore much easier than a female plant from feminized seeds.

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Growing cannabis is pretty easy. Anyone can do it. It is as simple as maintaining a home plant in your living room. Yet, when you are planning to start growing weed for the first time a lot of questions will pop-up. Especially when you see new words such as feminized and autoflowering while gaining information about growing.
In addition to feminized seeds, a lot of newcomers opt for autoflower seeds. Autoflower seeds have a lot of the same characteristics as feminized seeds. Yet, there are important differences to be recognized.
The strain will start to flower when receiving less sunlight. This is towards the end of the summer and the transition into autumn. Indoor growers will have to mimic autumn by (gradually) adjusting their light scheme to a 12/12 light scheme.
Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds specially bred to eliminate male chromosomes. In short: with feminized seeds you grow a female plant. Exactly what most growers want and very understandable when knowing that only the female cannabis plant grows smokable buds. In addition and compared to male plants, female plants develop significantly more active substances such as THC and CBD.

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Many new growers wonder: What is the difference between feminized and autoflowering seeds? Let’s explain it in a simple way. Check it out!