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feminized forever

Feminized forever

‘So, I trim off the leaves next, right?’ asked Ethan, holding up the bamboo stick. Alfred nodded. Ethan proceeded to methodically scrap extraneous materials off the bamboo. He was the same age as Alfred, but extremely different in appearance. He was 5 feet 10 inches tall, was reed thin and had a lean dusky face like most local Goans. Unlike Alfred’s, Ethan’s voice was deep. Even though he had freshly shaven, hints of rough stubble could be discerned on his chin. Ethan certainly looked manlier than Alfred. Yet, character-wise, he was the more effeminate of the two. Both boys lived in a small fishing village with lots of creeks, fields and coconut trees. The town had some exquisite Portuguese Baroque style buildings and charming old villas. The riverside, speckled with brightly white washed houses and wrought-iron balconies, offered a pretty view.

After being feminized, Alfred becomes a beautiful girl called Angie with long red hair, beautiful pink-tipped breasts and a lovely figure. He continues to be displayed in the exotic animal menagerie. Angie’s beauty becomes the talk of the town and attracts many men who are willing to pay to sleep with her. Angie’s captors sell her sexual services and use her for their own pleasure as well. During the course of her sexual ordeals, Angie continues to be in love with the circus hula-hoop girl, Ronnie.
Alfred joined him. ‘Man, Lucio sounds like some parrot!’. He remarked ‘we must go to the circus’.

‘I am not a child!’ Alfred protested ‘besides, I am not a girl’.
‘Great!’ said Ethan ‘Shall I get the other guys along? The show starts at eight’.
Alfred made quick calculations in his head. He discovered that his pocket money would suffice to cover the expenses. He wouldn’t have to coax his old man to give him money. He told Ethan that they’d walk down to grounds behind Church Square at 7 pm.
‘A traveling circus?’ said Alfred still thinking about soccer and fishing.
‘You’re no less prettier than one’ Alfred’s mom laughed

‘Yes, the Esplendor Circus from Spain!’ said his friend, his eyes shining ‘they are going to put it up in the huge grounds behind the Church Square. Marco had been there with his parents yesterday. He couldn’t stop talking about the performing monkeys, trapeze artists and puppeteers. But most of all he spoke about Lucio. Everyone in town’s talking about Lucio…’

Title: Forbidden Circus Subtitle: Trapped in Circus – Feminized Forever Author: Yu Sakurazawa Transgender Category: MTF Alfred Batista is the protagonist of the