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female seeds review

Female seeds review

Super Shop. Hab mir eine 4er und eine 10er Packung bestellt. Angekommen sind aber nur zwei 4er. Nach kürzen Kontakt mit dem Kundenservice wurden mir unverzüglich noch zwei 4er Packung zugeschickt!
Eine Bonusnuss gab es auch dabei.
Lieferung hat ab Überweisung 4 Tage gedauert.

Basically, 6 weeks had past with no seeds when i emailed i got the response its “your fault” for not selecting tracked shipping, so why have it as an option then? Most DISGUSTING customer service ive ever received.
Perfect seeds bank and seedshop. thanks

Very High Quality seeds, i have started 12 seeds and the germination tax was 100%. I never seen it before. Credits to Mr. Female seeds Ferry. Thanks
Qualitativ hochwertiges Saatgut aus den besten Samenbanken
Had to use a seed bank since they dont ship to my country but Im a member/Have an account and get newsletters. They will e-mail u back quick for any questions. Best thing about them is their prices and the Grapefruit strains smell better than any other citrus or Tropical strain ive ever grown and may be the best smelling marijuana ive ever grown. Strength of Iced Grapefruit, Grapefruit and Lemon Kush are above average to average depending on the grow conditions. Hydroponics systems they seem to love. Soil gave lesser yeild and results. Cheap good Genetics worth every penny.
Top Keimrate 10/10,keine Zwitter,wunderschöne Pflanzen 1A Genetig.Mein absoluter Favorite-Seedshop.
Female Seeds is a great seedbank,
best customer service,
fast and discreet shipping.
Its time to try the new Sex Bud.

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Female Seeds Seedbank Review The company Female Seeds entered the market in 2003. It became a huge success because of the low priced quality seeds concept. Our seeds became so popular that