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fem america

All America wants to do is beat some Nazis, save the world, and have some fun. Unfortunately, they’re trapped behind enemy lines in a new body with no way home. This. wasn’t the plan but hey it’s nothing a hero- heroine can’t handle.

These stories are pretty much mostly based on music but they can also be based on items or other stories too! I’ll put stories here that I don’t think I’ll continue or are short :3

Early January,1964
In the wake of the Kennedy assassination, America goes on a downward spiral.

[Vrac de textes en tout genres] : 31 jours. 31 thèmes. 31 drabbles. 31 histoires. Un seul ship. Recueil de textes Hookfire.

Alfred F. Jones, the brash Thief of Spades and Detective Inspector Arthur Kirkland continue their dance.

“she wonders if she could become a makeshift Ophelia. two motions. one blue to flushing red. then the other. into the tub and lie down. rosemary. fennel. crawling underneath the floorboards.”
[America struggles; cw: self harm, depression, suicide attempt, mental health, recovery]

You had been hurt before, your heart broken into pieces. The love of your life betrayed you and left you behind with nothing but painful memories. Despite how much they claimed to love you, you were scared to let them in.

To have balance you must have both chaos and order. The world must have good and evil, but darkness spreads and someone must balance the scales.

Amelia needs to save money so she finds herself some roommates.. but they don’t seem so normal. Part one of four.

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