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fastest growing seed

Fastest growing seed

For best results plant them towards the end of April or later with a spacing of 30cm between each plant. Furthermore, considering nigella seeds usually blooms in just a few weeks, we recommend sowing the seeds at least two times between late spring and early summer. This way you are likely to witness beautiful colours of purple, pink, white and blue.

Ideally, poppies are best placed in any well-draining soil and will need to be fed and watered frequently throughout the summer. However, it is crucial not to overwater as there is a chance they may rot in cool, wet conditions.
As this fast-growing plant is a natural climber you may want to provide a trellis or a similar structure for it to climb. If you don’t provide a structure for your sweet pea plant to climb, expect the plant to grow low and bushy. Sweet Peas are capable of reaching three to eight feet tall with a spread of two to three feet.

Ideally, you want to plant your marigolds in a place that receives at least six hours of sunlight a day. Place the seeds 1/4 inch deep into the soil and space the seeds accordingly. French marigolds require to be 6-9 inches apart from each other as they are a small plant. However, larger African marigolds required around 18 inches of space between each plant.
However, if you are one who looks to forward to the amazing shades of yellow, orange, red, bronze and brown, you will have to wait as long as two months for the flowers to bloom – which is still fast! And, if you are interested in eating the sunflower seeds, a popular healthy snack, you will need to wait an additional one month before doing so.
In a perfect world, sweet peas want to be planted in the fall allowing the flowers to bloom through winter. This is as sweet peas struggle in hot, humid weather. Areas reaching a peak temperature of 23°c are desired.
Once germinated, the seedlings of sweet peas develop into bushy plants before transforming into buds and flowers. The total time between planting these fast-growing seeds and flowering is roughly three to four months. However, planting the sweet peas from starts, rather than from seeds, will speed up the flowering process.
As with many fast-growing plants, poppies come in many varieties. The Oriental poppy, for example, is capable of growing as tall as four feet. Whereas the Alpine poppy will only grow to around ten inches.

If you’re not careful, before you know it you may have missed the perfect time to begin growing your favourite plants. In some cases, this can be upsetting and you may lose motivation to begin. If only there were fast-growing plants?

Are you busy and would love a garden full of flowers but don't physically have the time to put the effort in it? This is when the fastest growing seeds are essential.