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fastest autoflower strain 2015

Fastest autoflower strain 2015

The speed of autoflowers appeals to growers with a penchant for near-instant results. Waiting for a crop to ripen can be teasing at best and excruciating at worst. If you tend to fall on the impatient side, autoflowering strains are the way to go.

Regardless of the schedule, the lighting demands of autoflowering strains are easier to meet than those of their photoperiod counterparts.
Autoflowering plants boast strong, sturdy, and resilient genetics. Cannabis ruderalis didn’t survive the throes of northern latitudes by chance. The subspecies is well equipped to deal with extreme temperatures and harsh weather.

Autoflowering cultivars typically reach a height of between 60–100cm. Their compact size and impressive speed enable clandestine cultivators to set up and dismantle their operation in as little time as possible.
The autoflowering trait didn’t emerge by accident. It occurred as an adaptation to environmental conditions. You’ve probably heard of Cannabis indica and sativa. Well, the autoflowering gene arose in Cannabis ruderalis.
Again, most autoflowers will race from seed to harvest in around 7–10 weeks, so growers can time their next wave of seedlings in conjunction with the previous harvest.
Growers who don’t mind splashing out on expenditures might choose to run their lights for 24 hours. Some cultivators report more explosive vegetative growth and enhanced yields using this method. Others argue that a 24-hour schedule might deprive plants of their natural resting period.
Their impressive resilience makes them well-suited for novice growers as they’re extremely forgiving of beginner error.

Autoflowering strains have a long list of advantages over photoperiod varieties. Their short life cycle attracts growers seeking prompt gratification, and their hardy nature makes them suitable for beginner cultivators and veterans alike.

Autoflowering strains boast speedy growth, a compact size, and hardy genetics. Discover their pros and cons here.

Fastest autoflower strain 2015

This autoflowering strain allows for a big harvest of up to 350 gr per plant under optimal conditions. The buds that this strain produces during flowering are densely tight and aromatically characteristic.

Anxious farmers, pay attention! If patience is not one of your virtues and you tend to count the days left until you can try some delicious resinous buds, + Speed Auto is for you! From germination to harvest, this plant is ready in just 7 weeks. It is a plant that reaches to about 70 cm in height and yields up to 150 gr per plant.
At Sweet Seeds®, we work to get the best recipe for the development of high-quality cannabis strains with short flowering times. Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version® is a plant that produces up to 600 gr per plant after 6-7 weeks of flowering. The spicy, sweet and Skunk aromas are immediately identified after testing its dense buds, in addition to their potency and relaxing effect.

3º Awards – Best CBD – Spannabis Champions Cup – Barcelona – 2018
We present you the Usain Bolt of cannabis: Green Poison F1 Fast Version®. A genetic that comprises a 6-week flowering stage. In addition, this strain develops up to 700 gr per plant of high quality buds. Thus, you do not need to have a degree in mathematics to recognize that this equation between speed and yield is aimed at success among growers.

1º Award – Auto del Año – Soft Secrets – High Life Cup – 2014
The indoor flowering time is of 8-9 weeks, and the yield can reach up to 600 gr per plant. The sweet and earthy aromas, together with the strong growth characteristics, turned this strain into a great winner which, so far, has been awarded with 25 prizes from different cannabis cups.

2º Award – Indica Indoor – II Copa del Rey – Bogotá – Colombia – 2016

As the name suggests, Big Devil XL Auto® is a XL version that manages to increase its height, side branches and the thickness and density of its buds. Our breeders at Sweet Seeds® decided to enlarge the physic qualities of its previous version, Big Devil #2 Auto®, managing to obtain a strain that can reach to approximately 160 cm in height.

Top 10 Sweet Seeds® : At Sweet Seeds® we work every year to keep creating and innovating new genetics. Our quality commitment with our customers is to offer seeds with high