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fast growing seed

Fast growing seed

Alternatively, you could sow the cornflower seeds indoors as this is equally as easy. Although, make sure to plan ahead and plant them roughly one month before the last frost, or in contrast sow them one month before you plan to plant them outdoors.

As this fast-growing plant is a natural climber you may want to provide a trellis or a similar structure for it to climb. If you don’t provide a structure for your sweet pea plant to climb, expect the plant to grow low and bushy. Sweet Peas are capable of reaching three to eight feet tall with a spread of two to three feet.
Nigella, also known as Love-in-a-Mist, Devil-in-a-Bush and more is an easy flower to plant and grow. This fast-growing flower is best in cool growing areas with a well-drained PH neutral soil. Amazingly, the seeds could sprout in just eight to fifteen days, which when you think about it, is no time at all!

Once planted, if the soil is continuously moist, the seeds should sprout within five to seven days after being planted.
Starting from seed, petunias could take up to 10 weeks to fully grow. They develop best in full sun but can handle a small amount of shade if necessary.
Once germinated, the seedlings of sweet peas develop into bushy plants before transforming into buds and flowers. The total time between planting these fast-growing seeds and flowering is roughly three to four months. However, planting the sweet peas from starts, rather than from seeds, will speed up the flowering process.
Furthermore, it is important that if you are planting older varieties of petunias that they will require diligent deadheading, otherwise there’s a good chance they will stop blooming. Be prepared with kitchen roll as the foliage can be sticky and any blossoms that have been recently rained on are likely to turn to slimy mush.
For best results, plant the cornflower seeds in slightly alkaline garden soil. Ensure you regularly water the seeds up until the point up germination. This will usually be between seven and ten days for annuals and two to four weeks for perennials.

On the other hand, maybe you’re just busy and would love a garden full of flowers but don’t physically have the time to garden and put the effort in it. This is when fast-growing seeds are essential.

Are you busy and would love a garden full of flowers but don't physically have the time to put the effort in it? This is when the fastest growing seeds are essential.