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edible dosage for high tolerance

Edible dosage for high tolerance

👍 If you don’t have experience with altered states of consciousness or are concerned about possible anxiety, try 2mg of THC for your first 3 times, and then try 5mg, before going any higher.

If you’re on a full stomach, it may take 1.5 hours before you start feeling pretty high and 2 hours or more for full effects.
Symptoms of a moderate to intense high (doesn’t necessarily mean you took too much):

If you have paranoia/anxiety and want to reduce it, try any of the following:
Possible strategies to reduce anxiety from cannabis edibles (anecdotal reports):
5mg will get most people without a tolerance “solidly high” – perhaps a 7- 9 ⁄10.
In this experiment, participants still felt a little bit high after 6 hours, though not close to peak levels. 4
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It might be more like 1 hour before feeling pretty high and 1.5 hours for full effects on an empty stomach (anecdotal reports).

Learn what you should know before eating edibles.