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dutch passion seeds review

Dutch Passion is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder.

do not recommend anymore. I have grow experience for 12 years, had seeds from them before, have known better times.
Second time now, seeds do not germinate well.Lost 3 out of 6. Complained, their reply asking for detailed explination of process
with picture to consider payback lost or new seeds. WHO? do THEY think they deal with? You can germinate seeds on a piece of wet toilet paper
if you want, Keep your seeds DutchP a shame!
Dann noch mal Fotos gemacht von den original DP Packungen und alles erklärt. Bis heute keine Antwort mehr bekommen und als Lügner dargestellt worden. Sehr Schade, nach Jahren der Zufriedenheit so verprellt zu werden. Meine Keimmethode wurde von DP als gut gewertet. Jede Wette, die Frisian Dew Regulär Samen waren nicht die tollsten. Kann doch nicht sein, dass man eine 100% Ausfallquote hat und bei allein anderen Strains so fast 100% Keimquote hat.

Sprouting 3 quality 3,yeild 3,stability 3.Feminized seeds hermie late in flowering 3 out of four times.Unreliable.
everything was fine, shipped from their shop in Maastricht. I prefer it to envelopes shipped from Amsterdam.
These guys are, in my opinion, overrated!
seeds r fine but a bit long to wait
Getting 50-60% germ rate isnt good and i germed as i have for years, using same material method and placement of seeds as allways!The star for customer service are only given because they answered.

bereits 2mal bestellt und hatte kein Problem,weder mit lieferdauer noch mit der qualitaet. keimrate bei 90% und die Jorges diamond einfach der HAMMER 😉

Dutch Passion Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 21 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Dutch Passion is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This

Dutch passion seeds review

Autoflower strains do very well in a greenhouse. The greenhouse protects them from the worst of the early season and late season weather. This Dutch Passion guide to growing cannabis in a greenhouse contains plenty of useful advice.

Few things in the cannabis growers’ life are as disappointing as spending 11 weeks growing an auto with disappointing potency. If you want the best autoflower strain for potency then Auto Cinderella Jack is our top recommendation. This Auto Cinderella Jack grow review shows you the kind of resin covered chunky result you can expect when growing this high potency autoflower strain.
Auto Glueberry OG is a resin lover’s dream. This is definitely one of the best autoflower strains with genetics from the legendary USA Gorilla Glue, the multi-award winning Blueberry and the legendary OG Kush. The cannabis cup winning genetic heritage guarantees consistently special quality levels.

Autoflower strains usually take a couple of extra weeks when grown outdoors. Allow around 100 days for them to grow from seed to harvest. Many outdoor cannabis growers plant a few autoflower seeds to complement their outdoor feminised plants. Autoflower seeds can be grown outdoors even in the shortest of summers. Just select the warmest 100 day period and prepare a good plot with moist nutritious soil.
Whichever autoflower seeds you decide to grow next, be sure to enjoy the experience and the harvest! The speed, simplicity and quality of the best autoflower strains make them an irresistible choice for the modern cannabis grower. If you need some proven autoflower strains you will find plenty of suitable options on the Dutch Passion website.
Auto Night Queen is a great variety for anyone seeking an all-conquering indica autoflowering strain with a seriously strong effect. She grows from seed to harvest in around 75 days and is a very consistent autoflowering strain. This is one of the best autoflower strains for people that want to grow a short but productive auto. Growers with limited vertical space for their plants will find Auto Night Queen compact without compromising on quality or yield.
If you are looking to grow the best autoflower seed strains from Dutch Passion, then read on. Autoflower seeds have become just as popular as photoperiod feminised seeds with home growers. If you plant the best autoflowering strains, you will enjoy an easy grow with heavy yields and highly potent buds. Good quality autoflower strains are a fast and easy way to produce your own cannabis, and they will grow easily in a wide range of conditions making them ideal for the home grower.
Auto Night Queen is one of the most potent autoflower strains, and won 1st prize at the prestigious Highlife Cup in 2016 against some very good quality competitors. The 1st Prize was awarded for the extremely pleasurable high which comes from just a small amount of the THC soaked buds. This Auto Night Queen Grow Review shows the type of result you can expect when growing this autoflower strain indoors in soil.

Auto Night Queen is a high potency autoflower strain with a powerful indica effect. If you want a compact, easy to grow autoflower strain with a knockout indica effect then this is the variety for you. She often remains low in height, around 75cm with a short stocky frame covered with sticky resinous buds. The Afghani genetics make for dense, firm buds with truly special potency levels. Even if you have a high cannabis tolerance, don’t worry whether Auto Night Queen packs enough punch. This variety delivers a feel-good high which arrives quickly. Expect instant gratification and relaxation. You will enjoy sinking into a comfortable sofa or bed after some of the potent buds. Smoke/vape a little more and you may feel a strong appetite and maybe a little sleepy.

Read on if you want to know the 5 best autoflower strains for yield, potency and flavour. Autoflowering cannabis seeds have never been this good!