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dutch crunch strain

The Indica-effects tend to creep slowly until the users feel high in their body, which may lead to sedation and couchlock. Thus, disrupting the users’ activity.

When cured, this strain produces an earthy smell like pine and cedar with a sweet accent.
The Dutch Treat contains 15 o 30 percent THC and less than 1 to 1 percent CBD. Aside from these components. This strain also contains terpenes that provide its floral, earthy, and sweet scents and flavors, and health benefits.

The children of the Dutch Crunch are the Dutch 47, Dutch Queen, and the Dutch Treat Haze.
The Dutch Crunch is also beneficial for treating insomnia and eating disorders. Its tiny percentage of CBD is enough to provide pain relief and alleviating symptoms for ADHD and PSTD.
However, like any other strains, using the Dutch Crunch can cause cottonmouth and dry and red eyes. That is why keeping oneself hydrated is highly advisable when consuming any strain. When taken in higher doses, it may lead to couchlock and lethargy.
Nobody knows what the parents of the Dutch Treat are. The only information available is assumptions and theories. Some users believe that it came from Jordan of the Islands, while others think that it came from Haze and Northern Lights.
The Dutch Crunch causes euphoria and uplifts mood. It eases the tension felt in the body and relaxes the brain, which makes it an effective strain against stress and anxiety. Moreover, this strain enhances talkativeness and sociability.

Here is the summary of its terpene profile:

Nobody knows the exact origin of the Dutch Treat strain. What most users know is that this strain can provide ideal effects on them. Learn more about it.