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duck seed

Duck seed
SECURE EARLY as we harvest from the wild and there are limited amounts.
This is an information blog only.
Rate – 3 lbs. or 1,000 tubers per acre
** IMPORTANT. Each year we have a limited inventory. We will fill orders by first come first serve. Any orders not filled at that time will have the option of a refund or lock in for the fall harvest. If you are interested in rice, I would recommend getting your order in as soon as possible to have a better chance of getting some.
Is planting and flooding a crop field baiting or not baiting?
The most important food source for waterfowl along coastal waters. found in fresh water to slightly brackish waters to more salty waters (up to 10 ppt). All parts of this plant are edible to ducks.
PLM, Prairie Land Management, is a habitat company dedicated to assisting land owners with land management, wildlife enhancement, habitat planning and food plot design and installation as well as exploring all options with government conservation programs such as CRP, WRP, CREP and other land management and habitat improvements. PLM’s on-line Habitat Outlet Store provides a diversity of habitat and food plot seeds and trees.