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drying cannabis in brown paper bags

does it actually work or is it BS? and If the paper bag method really does work, how does it work? Any science behind it or an article I can read?
They place a humidity monitor inside to make make sure the container is airtight sealed and is at 50% RH, then leave it in a cool place like a garage, shed or heavily shaded area for 6-to-14 days. Occasionally checking to make sure everything is going okay.
designed to keep a consistent RH 50% in whatever sealed environment it is placed it
mount some form of hooks or screen to hang their buds within said container
The art-sorb method is basically creating a micro climate for cannabis drying using a special brand of “museum grade conditioned silica gel” called: “artsorb”. It has two properties that make it special:
How local guerrilla growers by me used this method:
—- For indoor growers: grow tents and grow rooms become drying tents and drying rooms very easily, all you need to do is turn on your extraction fan and/or dehumidifier to maintain a 40%-to-55% relative humidity level. A drying micro-climate can be made a the flip of a switch, turn of some knobs, etc
I have a question on “the paper bag method of drying cannabis”;
it somehow is able to absorb five times more moisture by weight than other silica gel products on the market.
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