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dry hash

Dry hash

Bulbous trichomes are the smallest of the three types and produce a limited amount of metabolites.

Advanced microscopic imaging techniques offer a fascinating peek into the landscape of cannabis flowers. Using these tools, researchers have identified three types of glandular trichomes: bulbous, sessile, and stalked.
Hash-makers report more success when processing their plant material in a colder environment. This encourages the flowers and trichomes to stay firm and dry, and prevents them from sticking together. Switch on the air conditioning before sifting your weed.

Science hasn’t yet discovered if one type of trichome churns out different types of metabolites than the others.
The process of making dry sift hash is almost identical. However, hash-makers usually conduct it on a much larger scale to produce significant quantities.
Now that you’ve collected your dry sift hash, it’s time to store it. Some hash-makers choose to store theirs in its powder form. This makes it easy to sprinkle into blunts and bong bowls.
A pollen box acts like the mesh grid and kief chamber in a grinder. It’s just much bigger. A pollen box is a wooden or plastic tray with a large, 100-micron mesh sealed to the top.
Every time you dip into your supply, check up on the state of it. The cold conditions of the fridge should keep it in good shape. The main factor that will affect the quality of your stash is poor flower preparation. Make sure your buds are dry, free from mould, and adequately cured.

If you want to scale up the operation, it’s worth investing in—or making—a pollen box.

Dry sift hash is a versatile cannabis concentrate that can be added to spliffs, blunts, bongs, and vapes. Learn how to make it here!

Dry hash

Dry extraction using Tan Tam
Tan Tam’s are the most similar thing you can find to the traditional Moroccan hash extraction technique. Basically, you have to fill the screen along the top with buds or resinous trimmings, place the lid on it and begin hitting the top of the box lightly, making sure that all of the trichomes fall down through the mesh. Don’t hit it too hard as, just like the other extractions, bits of weed or leaf can fall through and you won’t be able to press it correctly.

Secret Box extraction
Extracting hash using the Secret Box is really quite simple and you can get large quantities each time. All you have to do is fill the drum with its 250micron mesh half way and once that’s done, activate the motor. Don’t leave it for longer than 30 minutes at a time or you’ll end up with bits of leaves in your hash. You should run it for 10 minutes, then 20 more and once that’s done another half an hour to total an hour. The first result will be top quality, the second will be a little less in as far as quality and the third will most likely have bits of leaf in it but it will still make for a quality smoke. All you need to do to remove the pollen is remove the tray on the bottom of the machine and do whatever you wish with your hash.
In this article we’re going to talk about one of the simplest extracts you can make; dry hash cannabis extracts. You’ll be able to get the best quality hash from your buds or trimmings easily. We’re going to go through a series of different techniques that you can use to extract your own hash at home.

Dry hash extraction with Secret Icer meshes.
What you need to do here is place your weed or trimmings inside Secret Icer’s red mesh, which is at about 110 microns – it’s thin but if you shake it too much you might end up with some bits of weed in your hash. Place about 20g of weed and/or trimmings and shake the bag up and down so that the fine resin falls from the tiny holes. If you want to be 100% positive that no bits of weed fall through, you can use the green mesh instead of the red one, as it’s only 70 microns and much harder for larger bits of leaves and weed to fall through. You’ll need to shake it over glass in a plastic container or newspaper so that you can easily collect all of the hash once you’re done. Now you’re ready to press it. In this picture the mesh is yellow, but that’s simply because it’s a different brand – it’s 110 microns like the red Secret Icer one.
Once you’ve dried the buds and leaves you’re planning on using, to do any of the four techniques we’re about to show you, you’re going to need to freeze them. The best thing you can do is stick them inside a container so they don’t get humid, or inside a bad inside another bag and so on to keep them as protected as possible. After about 24h they should be ready for the extraction process.
The first thing you need to do is dry your weed, which is something you need to do with pretty much every extraction technique. When you trim your buds, the trimmings tend to have resin all over them just like the buds, and you’ll want to make the best of them, although the larger leaves don’t tend to have much resin on them.
Dry extraction Secret Shaker
Secret Shaker is a small device that can make your life much easier if you want to get hash from your weed but you don’t have many trimmings or buds to do it with. This little container can be used for small extractions – it’s a 12cm cylinder that has a 150 micron mesh inside it, kind of like a grinder that comes included with a pollen mesh except bigger. You place your material in the top part, and the resin should fall to the bottom. Fill it will a small quantity of ground up buds or leaves. Shake it without going too hard as bits of leaves might fall through and you won’t be able to press your hash properly. This will happen with pretty much every kind of dry hash extraction if you shake for too long. Then, all you have to do is open the lower lid and remove the hash powder. You can press it with this pollen-press to make hash blocks in order to keep them safe or for transporting them.
Now you know a bit more about how to make your own home-extracted hash! If you have any questions, comments, doubts or ideas, don’t hesitate to comment down below and our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

Dry hash cannabis extracts have never been easier – find out some easy ways to extract your own hash in the comfort of your own home.