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dream yields

Dream yields

Most people, unless headed to a specific address, will simply drive past the two-story row houses that line the curb along Fleet Street in East Baltimore. Few are wider than 15 feet; their only mark of individuality is usually found in the variety of front doors. Many of these houses, dating to 1910, are examples of exterior brick restoration, while others still bask in the Formstone glory of 1940’s exterior home improvement.

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Across the room from the prep area, upholstered high-backed chairs in a geometric design cozy up to a round glass-topped table. A high-topped, dark-stained parsons table, with two bar stools tucked under it, rests in front of the wide kitchen window hung with taffeta like curtains over cream colored shears. Light-colored ceramic floor tile has been laid on a diagonal for interest.

“I got used to this neighborhood and started looking around,” said the Ukrainian-born Dyadyura in a soft voice. “And this one came along.”
“I have a 30-year mortgage,” he quipped.
Making the dream
The master bedroom contains a black lacquered wood bedroom suite and computer desk. Furnishings, such as a neutral colored brocade bed quilt and flowing shear curtains on the windows, soften the austere look.
Best tip: While it is unfortunate for the people whose homes have been foreclosed upon, these properties, owned by the banks, are usually sold below market value. Patience, on the part of the buyer, is often rewarded with a renovated property in move-in condition. “I looked for a while, until I found this one,” Alex Dyadyura noted.

Blatantly contemporary in décor, an overwhelming coziness is achieved through a palate of warm wall colors that surround gleaming oak flooring. In the kitchen, walls are painted a soft shade of pumpkin and framed in a stencil of painted green confetti-like pieces, executed by Dyadyura’s daughter, a graphic arts student. Cabinets of cherry wood hang above granite countertops and stainless appliances.

East Baltimore residence's interior is functional with flair