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dream pot

The Dream-Pot also acts as a very efficient Cool Box. Place your food and drinks in the Dream-Pot with ice and they will stay cool and fresh for several hours.

Second use was much better, Treacle sponge pudding, shared with nine fellow campers – everyone loved it.
The key to the Dream Pots incredible success is both its robust and portable nature and incredibly efficient insulation.

The Portable Dream-Pot can be used indoors at home or outdoors and is readily transportable with no worries about spillage – Use it when Camping, in the Caravan/Motorhome, on the Beach, for Picnics, BBQ’s & Sporting Events when Boating or Fishing.
The Cook Book is Australian, ok we speak the same language – but do use different reference wording eg cooking in cupfuls. Also corned beef here comes in tins from Fray Bentos – there it�s a silverside joint! Trial and error will soon get this sorted
Cooking Simplicity Itself
The Time Saving Dream-Pot is simply left to work its magic so you are free to work, relax or enjoy yourself with no worries about boiling over, burning or over-cooking.
Step 1: Add ingredients into inner pot. Place on a heat source and bring to boil. Continue to simmer for the short time required (maximum 30 minutes, based on a Dream Pot recipe).
Step 2: Transfer inner pot into Dream Pot and close the lid.
Step 3: The meal now cooks using its own heat because of the highly insulated Dream Pot.

Small has only one saucepan – so half a dinner or just one meal

Introducing the Dream-Pot – full details, our review, and an exclusive discount for members

Next stop – “corned silverside“. Needless to say, another outstanding success. We are still working our way through the recipe book – and we haven’t had a failed meal yet. Rice is always cooked to perfection (two minutes boiling on the stove, 30 minutes in the Dream-Pot ® . and doesn’t spoil if left longer). Cook a casserole in the large ‘inner pot’ and, half an hour before serving, cook your rice in the small ‘inner pot’ (or cook a curry in the bottom and a plain casserole in the top – to cater for all tastes in the family).

We would like to highlight what we see as the benefits of this great ‘appliance’
Simply follow the link below to download your order form (in .pdf format), print the form, complete it, and return it to us. Once payment has been received, we will ship your goods.

Deciding that we needed to ‘test drive’ this contraption before the next camping trip, we started by using it at home. At that point we realised that the labelling on the Dream-Pot ® stating “every home should have one” was close to the world’s greatest understatement.
For those with a “sweet tooth” there are plenty of desserts to try too.
Use as a portable bain-marie

If you are unable to download the form, please to send us an email, and we will forward a form to you.
Family of 4 : 1.5kg piece of Wagyu-Angus Topside (okay – nice cut of meat to start with), potatoes, carrots, onions, pumpkins. Following the instructions, we browned the meat and vegetables in oil before placing them in an oven bag (vegies need to be cut a little smaller than usual). Removed all the air from the oven bag and placed into the large ‘inner pot’. Covered the food/oven bag with hot water, brought to the boil on the stove top (with the lid on) and gently boiled for 30 minutes (to bring the food to up to required temperature). We then placed the ‘inner pot’ into the Dream-Pot ® . Six hours later we ate one of the nicest pot roast meals we have ever eaten (I have to say ‘one of’ because it was beaten a month later by a lamb pot roast cooked the same way). One of the beauties of the Dream-Pot ® is that this meal could have been eaten after 4 hours, but is just as tasty and well cooked after 8.

T asty Corned Silverside

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