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dr roulette

So, about the bets you can make. Although ‘red, or black?’ is the classic question, there’s a lot more to it than that! You have plenty of options, so listen up! You can make an ‘inside bet’ by putting your chips on or in-between individual numbers – those black and red numbers on the board. If you make an ‘outside bet’, you’ll be betting on larger groups of numbers – this means you’ll have more chance of getting a winning number, but the multiplier you receive is lower as a result.
You don’t have to go back and place your bets again before every spin. Just use the ‘Repeat Last Spin’ button below the wheel if you want to stick with the same again.
*To see a visual guide for where to place your chips to make any of these bets, press the ‘i’ button in-game.
– Column: To bet on every number that sits within a single column, place your chip on ‘2 to 1’ at the end of it.*
We offer a number of opportunities for Players to qualify for bonus money which is added to a Player’s Bonus Credit Account. This includes, for new Players, the Introductory Free Spins, Deposit Activated Free Spins and the Deposit Match Bonus. Other bonuses are available from time to time. All bonuses can be used to win real money.
– 2 Way or ‘Split Bet’: To bet on two numbers that are side-by-side on the board at the same time, put your chip on the line between the two numbers.* If either of those numbers wins, so do you!
– 3 Way or ‘Street’: Want to bet on a row of three numbers? Just place your chip at the bottom of that row.* If the ball lands on any of those three numbers, that’s a win for you!
– 4 Way or ‘Corner’: You can place a single bet on any four numbers that form a square on the board. Just place your chip on the cross that forms in the centre of those four numbers.*
How much you win will always depend on how much you bet and what type of bet you made. Each win will be a multiplier of your original bet, and some types of bet come with higher multipliers than others. To see full details of the multipliers you’ll receive for each type of bet, hit the ‘i’ button and view the in-game paytable or view the payout information below.
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