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dr grinspoon grow

Dr grinspoon grow

Dr. Grinspoon tops the daily dose of caffeine in the morning and jolts the mind awake almost immediately. Indeed, this herb is a perfect wake-me-up during expectedly long days at work. Not to mention, it keeps the mind alert.

Once the flowers turn to red and green, get the buckets ready for harvest. Each plant is expected to yield at least 350 grams per square meter indoors.
Unlike most strains, the particular herb’s buds are best grown indoors or in greenhouses. Its buds need 13 to 14 weeks to mature, and doing it outdoors can be challenging especially due to unpredictable factors like strong gusts of wind or harsh weather. Cultivating in a controlled environment give these plants good chances of survival. However, it entails a lot of pruning and cutting to manage its height.

However, these are not the typical popcorn clusters of nuggets densely packed in a single cola. Instead, Dr. Grinspoon buds are loosely attached to twig-like branches, resembling blueberries.
This is not to say the plant should not be grown outdoors. In fact, it thrives under a Mediterranean-like climate where it receives most sunlight. Rather, growers in the northern hemisphere will have to wait a little longer. It is best harvested from the middle to late November with each plant yielding up to 300 grams.
It possesses sweet, tangy, and earthy flavors which hide explosive THC levels of up to 25%. Its power is evident in its long-lasting and mind-awakening effect. For this reason, Dr. Grinspoon remains on top of the list of cannabis with overall premium qualities.
In the body, a jolt of energy rouses users from lethargy, vanishing fatigue that results from stress, exhaustion, or overwork. It relaxes the muscles to prevent it from contracting and causing unnecessary pain. Because of its anti-emetic properties, is is a great source of comfort to patients who deal with spasms either as a result of disease or disorder.
The buzzing sensation coursing through one’s veins also energize users through and through. It uplifts tired souls and removes exhaustion from the muscles. Replacing the heaviness is a limber feeling in the body that allows one to move like a well-oiled machine.

Its impressive wake-and-bake qualities do not weigh down the body even as the mind speeds up. When used outside of limitations, however, it makes everything seem like a race against time as the brain works double time and develops a keen awareness. For the same reason, it is better to avoid using the strain in the late evening.

Dr. Grinspoon Strain is a pure heirloom Sativa that heightens cerebral activity tremendously. In fact, it even garnered the title "The Thinking Man's Sativa. Read our full strain review for all info.