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dr grinspoon

Dr grinspoon

No matter what strain of cannabis is consumed, as well as the method of ingestion and dosage, users will always experience the inevitable “cottonmouth” and dry eyes. Cannabinoids, like THC, inhibit saliva production. Although rare, there may even be cases of a phenomenon otherwise known as “cannabis hangover,” which is characterized by an extreme headache, dizziness, and possible paranoia that can lasts for hours. Apart from staying hydrated throughout the day, users should pace consumption of the bud by starting with low dosages.

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Once the flowers turn to red and green, get the buckets ready for harvest. Each plant is expected to yield at least 350 grams per square meter indoors.

The buzzing sensation coursing through one’s veins also energize users through and through. It uplifts tired souls and removes exhaustion from the muscles. Replacing the heaviness is a limber feeling in the body that allows one to move like a well-oiled machine.
The “Thinking Man’s Sativa” really has an odd allure to one’s genius. It subdues symptoms of many mental disorders including depression, anxiety, and PTSD by providing peace of mind. Its ability to clear the mind also helps patients with ADD/ADHD concentrate on tasks. At the same time, the feeling of productivity brings out happy hormones that effectively turn the mood upbeat.
Dr. Lester Grinspoon, an Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry from Harvard University, is among the most influential figures in the history of cannabis. In 1971, the professor set forth a research project to correct the misinformation of the green herb as a dangerous and intoxicating drug in a book titled “Marijuana Reconsidered.”
This is not to say the plant should not be grown outdoors. In fact, it thrives under a Mediterranean-like climate where it receives most sunlight. Rather, growers in the northern hemisphere will have to wait a little longer. It is best harvested from the middle to late November with each plant yielding up to 300 grams.
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by Bonza · Published March 6, 2019 · Updated January 29, 2020

Dr. Grinspoon Strain is a pure heirloom Sativa that heightens cerebral activity tremendously. In fact, it even garnered the title "The Thinking Man's Sativa. Read our full strain review for all info.