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dos si dos

Dos si dos

Now available in the Limited Edition range of the Philosopher Seeds catalogue, the feminised version of Gelato x Do-Si-Dos.

The effect it produces is powerful and long-lasting, relaxing the body while immersing your mind in an intensely euphoric state of psychedelia, flooding your senses with pleasure.
This cross was created to satisfy fans of the sweetest and strongest Indicas, filling your indoor grow room with hardy, hybrid-structured plants full of hard and highly resinous buds.

Its effect is very strong and pleasant due to its THC levels of over 25%, combining a strong sense of psychedelic euphoria with intense physical relaxation that can knock you out if you’re not careful, making it ideal to relax in the evening or on a day off with nothing much else to do.
The result is a predominantly Indica plant that reinforces the best properties of the GSC, both structurally and aromatically, developing a sturdy and robust hybrid appearance during its growth.
These buds are round, as hard as stones, and completely covered with sticky, aromatic and psychoactive resin, which shines brightly against the purple tones that the flowers may take on during flowering.
Typical of OG Kush varieties, it shows prominent vertical growth, with a tall central cola surrounded by multiple secondary branches reaching to approximately half its height, giving the plant a conical shape. It is ready to be harvested after 60 days of flowering, delivering a yield of up to 500g per m 2 .
The buds give off an exotic, sweet, herbal and fruity aroma that floats over a markedly Kush base, filling your mouth with each toke and making you feel like you’ve been transported to a bakery in some far-away country.

Its flowers are dense and hard, creating bulky calyxes that can acquire purple tones in some phenotypes, contrasting beautifully with the orange hairs and with the huge quantity of bright white resin heads.

Gelato x Do-Si-Dos : Сидбанк Philosopher Seeds