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domina mind control

I like the excitement of having the life and death of my gladiators be out of my hand, has me on the edge of my seat while watching the arena fights lol

Another valid point would be when using the Retiarius. Retiarius’ are fantastic 1v1 fighters that can easily immobilize their opponents with that sexy net. It reduces the enemies’ movement speed, attack speed, attack damage, and renders them unable to use rolling moves. Couple this all together with you controlling the fight and landing the net 10 for 10, you can easily solo the Regional Fights without risk of losing someone important (as long as you play your cards right)
Another con would be if you have Jupiter’s Blessings AI Reaction Boost and/or Defensive Priority, then you’re going to just waste them if you’re not going to let the AI be used instead of yourself. These cards, often under-minded, can really give the AI a combat edged compared to an opponent that doesn’t have either.

I was quite surprised to see people not researching mind control? What are the Pros and Cons of that? Is it just about skill or does the AI always do a better job? Why do people not want to play the fights for themselves?
Early levels where the AI doesn’t have a high AI level which will lead them to making stupid choices during the fight; Like face tanking several sword slashes to the face instead of rolling away.
A final con is if you don’t spend time training Meditation, you’ll have Gladiators just face tanking sword hits to the face. Which would be terrible for the Final Fight.
Until you get your monster gladiator that 1 shots an entire group of enemy’s before the 1 disappears
Most obvious one would be if you don’t know how to play as the Gladiator. This can be overseen as you give it more time to become natural for you. You won’t be able to reach those clutch AI moments where they’re rolling everywhere and still landing hits, but you’ll be able to handle sticky situations, like the Finale Fight, which much more ease.

There’s a few points to why you’d want to Mind Control over letting the AI take control. Here’s some points about the Pros and Cons, in my opinion:

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